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I was curious to see which interior design trend most suited me according to this quiz by Balustrade Components.

At the moment our house is a bit of a mish mash of different themes and styles so it might be nice to finally settle for one, maybe then I might actually start to co-ordinate the house. I have an inkling which way the quiz would go but I wasn’t 100%.

Currently one room might be quite minimal and open and another a hodgepodge of different items of furniture, clutter from the kids and random paperwork that needs a new home! Hubbie cooks but his role in the home pretty much ends there, so I have to try and tackle the chaos everyday on my lonesome. I wish I had a big trapdoor I could just sweep it all into especially after playdates or even better I wish my children tidied up after themselves.

Have we been robbed? Nope just your average #playdate x

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I did enjoy picking out my favourite living room, kitchen and bathroom from the available pictures. I am guessing I like modern best as I am not a fan of industrial trends (too much metal on show), I like minimal but not stark with no belongings as that looks a little too cold and clinical. It’s hard finding the happy medium when it comes to interior design trends. I think its difficult to pigeon hole me into one particular trend.

I have never upcycled furniture before, I see more and more people doing this and transforming their old furniture and giving it a new lease of life. But my skills are severely limited in that respect, I wish I could restore/rejuvenate/revamp what we own already but I wouldn’t know where to start! I do know my friend spent a small fortune buying chalk paint and wishes she hadn’t bothered as the time and effort and cost wasn’t worth the end result! However if you are a creative person who will enjoy the process then I am sure its very rewarding.

My Quiz Result

My result was MODERN and I think the quiz was quite accurate really, given the choice I would have quite a modern house. But I would hold back when it comes to too much glass as I worry the kids would do themselves a mischief.


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