Our Experiences With Bacofoil #BacofoilBacoShake


My husband always has problems with his roast potatoes sticking. Even when he uses lots of oil, he ends up having to hack them off the baking tray so they usually look a bit of a mess!  Being the main cook in the family it drives him potty when the potatoes aren’t behaving themselves. So we were excited to test out the Bacofoil Non-Stick foil to see how the product fared and to hopefully have more attractive roast potatoes in the process!

My mum is a good cook and I think he wants to impress her with his roasties and up until now he hadn’t quite mastered the technique.

You can see him doing the Bacofoil Baco-Shake and happily singing “Shake Shake Shake, shake your potatoes!” in the short clip below (the boys thought it was hilarious!) but he was obviously in a good mood as the foil did everything it promised.

Shake Shake Shake Bacofoil Video

The Bacofoil Baco-Shake clearly shows his roast potatoes no longer stick so it’s easier to get his roasties right first time. My mum now has competition for her roasties! I think the Bacofoil Baco-Shake will become a teatime ritual now, for everything from fish fingers to sausages hubbie will be shaking his tray.  We will be using this foil for our summer barbecue side dishes too, corn on the cob covered in butter afterwards yum indeed!

Using Bacofoil Non-Stick Foil can completely revolutionise mealtimes. You can cut back on oil or eliminate it all together so better for your health and its much less stressful and messy because you no longer have to struggle removing food from inferior foil or a baking tray! As I am in charge of tidying the kitchen after hubbie has cooked that pleases me no end, its much quicker getting everything done. Leaving more time for what matters.

You can follow the company on twitter and facebook to see more examples of how Bacofoil can come to the rescue in the kitchen and of course do feel free to share your own Bacofoil Baco-Shake with them too!

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  1. That looks brilliant! I need this for homemade pizzas. The always ask you to use baking paper, but then it sticks and we're left eating mouthfuls of paper. Going to give this a go.

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