Series 3 Num Noms Competition

Num Noms

Do you have fans of Num Noms in your household?  I have a fabulous competition they will be very excited about.

I have the opportunity for one lucky entrant to win a Series 3 Prize Bundle.  This includes 1 x Num Noms Deluxe Lunch Box, 1 x Num Noms Starter Pack and 1 x Num Noms Mystery Pot.

Num Noms

Series 3 has 85+ more figures to collect so why not add a few more to your set so you can enjoy even more sweet scented combinations.  New additions like Cory Custard, Maple Sugars, Choco Sprinkles and Lemony Glaze to name but a few.

I love these sweet smelling collectable characters. My boys reviewed the Series 1 Num Noms a year ago and really liked the delicious fragrance. Think cupcakes, marshmallows, candy, glazed donuts and very fruity scents, a whiff of these really do help you indulge your sweet cravings! Although they do have some veggies too now, which is a good thing really as its not all about dessert! You are introduced to the likes of Coolie Cucumber, Carrie Corn and Bunny Carrot, so you can promote a balanced diet whilst they play with these likeable characters.

Num Noms are much more than just their fantastic smell.  The range has lots of playability, with little dishes to pile up your favourite characters to make your own unique recipe and spoons and forks to serve them to your friends.  The lip balms mean your little ones can glam themselves up and smell as sweet as their new friends and Erase-It and Stamp-It characters mean your never bored when you buy a pack of them.


Num Noms


Win with Num Noms

Some of the characters are quite glittery; they are all very colourful, flamboyant and rather cute, so if you want to help expand your child’s collection or introduce them to Num Noms for the first time please do enter my competition by filling the form below by the 25th of April.

This competition has now closed.

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