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Wordsearch Junior

As you can see from an earlier review way back in 2013 Wordsearch Junior (RRP £18.99) is a game my eldest who was six at the time really liked. It is pitched at children 4+ but is a game that develops with your child.  There are three levels of difficulty. My youngest was four in 2013 and he liked looking for the patterns.  Now fast forward to 2017 and both my boys are competent readers and I think in part its down to all the learning games like this we have played over the years.

I think Wordsearch Junior is quite educational.  It helps children with their pattern and language recognition. Sometimes it can be hard getting your child to willingly learn so games like this can make your life easier.  They are having fun but learning at the same time.

It does get quite fast paced too as you try and find more words and pictures than the other players. Children will probably get caught up in the competitive nature of the game.  They will want to progress with their reading to give them more of an edge when playing!

When you spot a word or pattern you use your coloured chips to claim it as your find.  The winner is the one with the most coloured disks on the board at the end! The game is easy to set up and play.  You just choose a board and place it in the “wheelbase” ready to start.  Simple rules make it a very accessible game for all children even those who find it harder to concentrate.


You can find further information and stockists on the Drumond Park website. But in the meantime I have two Wordsearch Junior games to giveaway if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 27th of April.

The competition has now closed.

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