6 easy ways to give your teenage boy’s room a makeover

room makeover

Whether it’s for studying, socialising with friends or simply chilling out, teenage boys will spend a lot of time in their bedrooms over the years. If your boy’s room isn’t exactly the cool space either of you would like, take a look at these easy tips on how to give it an update and transform it into his new favourite hang out.  These steps will make your room makeover a success!

Start with the walls

Walls are one of the main focal points of any room, so the colour you choose to paint them or the wallpaper you use has a big impact on its overall appearance. There are lots of options when it comes to finding the perfect boys bedroom wallpaper. Look for wallpaper designs in his favourite colours, or go for a bold pattern to create an eye catching feature wall.


There are lots of ways you can add some accessories to your teenagers bedroom. One of the easiest ways to do this is by hanging framed artwork or images to brighten up any bare walls, that can also be changed in line with his tastes. You can also look for patterned cushions, throws and rugs that will add that special touch to the decor.

Think about storage

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As some of us know all too well, teenagers can be mess.  After going to the trouble to do a room makeover the last thing you want is to see is it turn into a glorified pig-stye. The best way to avoid too much mess is by investing in some good storage options for him to keep all his bits and bobs in. A TV cabinet with shelves and cupboards is also a great way to keep that area neat and get rid of any unsightly wires.

Set up a study area

Teenagers spend a lot of their adolescence studying, so it makes sense to create a dedicated area for them to get their many essays written and revision done. All you really need for this is a strong desk, comfortable chair and an area away from distractions (AKA, as far away from the X Box as possible). It’s also a good idea to add a whiteboard or something similar for your teen to jot down any ideas, and some drawers or storage boxes to keep all their notes and text book’s together.

Photo Credit: http://www.idealhome.co.uk/childrens-room/childrens-room-ideas/teenage-boys-bedroom-ideas-17-of-the-best-44916

Incorporate his interests

When decorating your teenage boy’s room, it’s important to keep in mind his interests, hobbies and personal style. If your teen is massively into tennis then make sure you try and incorporate this into the decoration in some way.  Whether it’s through a tennis ball patterned bed spread or a simple figurine on their desk. You should also let him have some input on how he’d like the space to look – you wouldn’t dress your teen in clothes they don’t want to wear, so approach their bedroom in the same way.  Desenio have some stylish wall art, my youngest picked out lion wall art as lions interest him.

Photo Credit: http://www.digsdigs.com/36-modern-and-stylish-teen-boys-roomdesigns/pictures/112837/

Get creative with your room makeover

Think your boys room is still missing that special touch? Why not unleash your creative side and work some DIY magic. One brilliant way to do this is by making your own shelves from skateboards or old wooden boxes mounted to a wall for him to store his DVD’s. Adding a homemade element is a great way to add a unique feature to your teen’s room, and is sure to score you some bonus mum points!

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