What our dog thinks about Tasty Bone products

Our dog likes to be entertained
for large chunks of the day but it’s not always possible. I might be at home but I am working and have
deadlines to meet, as much as I like giving her cuddles and attention I have to
focus on other things too. It can be
hard to concentrate when she is whingeing for me to take notice, getting more
and more frustrated if I don’t down tools and attend to her needs

Fortunately she is a big fan of
Tasty Bone products, they are durable and last for ages. They have so much choice, many satisfy your
dogs urge to chew; others are designed to also help with their teeth and keep
them amused. Boredom for dogs is a thing
of the past with this extensive range.

She was sent two new ones from Tasty Bone to try out and couldn’t wait to get testing.

We had a lamb Tasty Bone that does what it says as it’s
very tasty! She will happily chew away
leaving me to get on with a few things around the house or on my blog.

Is this mine? Look at those eyes!

We also had a Rubber Bone that
bounces and it can float too, so handy if your dog wants to cool off in the
water and play fetch!

Tasty Bone products are a wise
investment just because most dog toys we have bought in the past have been
quickly destroyed, these are the only ones that have been tough enough to
survive playtime with our pooch. They
work out as excellent value for money because they are so strong.

Fortunately you don’t need to
worry if a bit breaks off, as they are safe to ingest as the small pieces will
just pass through their system. Our dog
is a much loved and valued part of our family so keeping her healthy and happy
is very important.

Every dog can have his day with a Tasty Bone product! It’s no surprise they are the No. 1 manufacturer
of nylon, edible and rubber chew toys.

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