Beer Themed Fathers Day Gift Inspiration

beer gift inspiration

I really find it hard to buy gifts for the men in the family.  For my mum it’s always been so simple.  A tried and tested formula of some variant including chocolates, flowers, perfume and luxurious hand creams! My dad well he is much trickier, so I have been searching the Internet for some suitable options. At 72 I want him to have a present he really likes.  He’s been such a good dad and he deserves thought and consideration put into whatever I eventually buy.  So I turned to beer gift inspiration seeing he really loved his Beer Bod subscription I knew keeping with the beer theme could only be a good thing.

I visited UncommonGoods in my hunt for Fathers Day gifts. The site has lots of unique, personalised and handcrafted gifts that offer something that bit different. I don’t think my dad wants any more socks or hankies so I needed to find inspiration! Although one exception might be the “If you can read this please bring me a Beer” socks.  He would find them quite funny!

I like the vision behind UncommonGoods the range has been developed to think about the environment and animals as many of the products use recycled and upcycled materials. After having done a beach clean I really understand the importance of reusing and recycling as plastics sadly litter our beaches. So I like the idea that something I buy for my dad might be doing a bit of good. I had considered one of the personalized gifts but I am going to focus on my dad’s main love. Apart from his family beer is one of my dad’s few indulgences.

I think I will be sorted for Fathers Day and birthday gifts from now on as I have seen quite a few products perfect for him. They have covered every type of product with a beer focus, from Barrel Mugs, personalized glasswear and even beer shampoo if you want to go all out on the theme!

Read on for Beer Gift Inspiration

As my dad likes to savour a good ale, maybe he would like a chance of brewing his own this is something he has yet to try but I think it would be quite a rewarding experience.

The Beer Chilling Coaster Set is an attractive gift for the home.  It is made with reclaimed New Hampshire granite and helps keep your beer cool!



The Beer Jelly might appeal to his taste buds.  This set of preserves has been infused with craft beers and is the perfect accompaniment to his cheese board! He likes having cheese and crackers when his friend visits.

So if you have a beer drinker in the family, this website is ideal!

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