Are you ready for National Multi Tasking Day?

Multi tasking

I am giving you plenty of time to get yourself organised ready for National Multi Tasking Day next week. It falls on the 24th of May this year.  As apparently that is the busiest time in our calendars when our to-do lists go into overdrive.  But fortunately according to calculations you are likely to be at your most productive to tackle them.

Mike Gardner, a time management advisor for Nature’s Finest UK’s no.1 potted fruit brand based the date on a formula.  This took into account factors such as the sickness, weather, workload and motivation levels. So on the 24th of May you can achieve great things if you put your mind to it. I like how Nature’s Finest are encouraging us to seize the day, dealing with our most pressuring jobs.  As a result freeing up time in the summer for the most important things! For me its all about spending quality time with my boys and that can be hard when I am juggling the blog, their needs and the never ending housework.

I have included a few things below that have worked for me in the past:

Boost Your Energy Levels

If your lacking energy the tasks ahead might seem overwhelming so make sure you have a midday snack.  Nature’s Finest make it easy with their handy snack packs! Pineapple can help you deal with stress more effectively because its packed with B Vitamins, so step away from the biscuits and look for a healthier alternative that can keep you focused on ticking off all those unfinished tasks.



Avoid Distractions

Some tasks might need more time so make sure you don’t get distracted and can concentrate fully! Multitasking doesn’t apply to checking facebook gossip whilst writing a blog post; you just take at least TWICE as long believe me. Consider installing an app like OFFTIME to stop the use of facebook and games so you can give the task the attention it deserves.

Don’t overdo it

Your brain can only handle so many tasks at one time, have a break from your desk, perhaps go for a walk and clear your mind, then return to the fray feeling rejuvenated and more able to cope with the demands of the job.

Write a List

I would be lost without my list to help me feel organised.  It makes sure I don’t waste valuable time trying to remember all the tasks I need to complete. I also get a satisfying feeling ticking them off, which motivates me to continue getting everything done.

Please make sure your following Nature’s Finest on social media as they will also be sharing lots of helpful multi-tasking tips to ensure you are well equipped to deal with the pressures of the day. They also have prizes to be won, so do get involved!

4 thoughts on “Are you ready for National Multi Tasking Day?

  1. Wow – I had no idea that there was a multi-tasking day! I'd say this was every day as a busy mum! I too cannot be without my lists, I'm so much more productive when I know what is left to tick off!

  2. Multitasking is pretty much the standard in this house haha but I love your ideas. It can all get a bit overwhelming if you don't take stock every now and again. x

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