The House Renovation Returns

House renovation

Building work commences on the house again soon.  I am excited things are underway with the house renovation once more. We had a big break to try and clear some debt and now its all systems go.

My youngest son’s new room is next on the agenda.  At the moment he doesn’t have a ceiling, thanks to the precious owners not looking after the house properly! It had to be taken down as they let a damaged chimney let in a lot of water!!! We have had the chimney removed and now have to start again from scratch. He has been temporarily living in what will one day be an office, so he is looking forward to claiming his proper room and having a bit more space.

But I shouldn’t complain about the state of disrepair the house was in as it does give us more options now.  We could even put in roof windows and give his room a lot of additional height and extra light too. It’s nice we are getting to put our stamp onto the house and give it a bit more of our personality! Plus I love that we are getting rid of all the old plaster-work.  Complete with horsehair, its so gross!  Thankfully things have come on a bit now, the joys of buying a really old house I guess.

I was looking at as a possible option to tackle the window installation.  I think it would be nice to have more natural light in the house. Eventually we have to do a bigger room next door which will one day be our master bedroom so if roof windows look good then I could be tempted to use them in our bedroom too. As an asthmatic the sunlight is helpful to get rid of dust mites that aggravate my condition, so the more sunlight in a room the better!

If you spend a lot of time sneezing and coughing when you wake up maybe you should possibly consider ways to add more natural light into your own room. I think its better for your overall health, as dust mites really don’t like sunshine or fresh cool air! More windows mean more ways to add fresh air to the room and bathe it in light.

House renovations improving health

I think it’s important to think about how renovation work can improve your overall health especially if you have an ongoing health condition like I do with my asthma. Sunlight can also lift your spirits, making you feel happier and more energized, something that is useful for everyone, so try and avoid dark depressing rooms if your planning any renovations.

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