How The Queen Looks Effortlessly Stylish


Recently the Queen Elizabeth celebrated her sapphire jubilee marking 65 years on the throne as HRH Queen Elizabeth II. I have lots of admiration and respect for our longest-serving monarch who has led the country with such grace and dignity.

At 91 she still manages to look effortlessly sophisticated.  Something she has achieved throughout her reign. I think many of us envy how she manages to get it right each and every time.  But a lot more thought and attention to detail goes into her chosen outfits then you might ever expect.

So how does she achieve that impeccable fashion which has gained so much attention over the years? Some of these style secrets might surprise you.

Outfits To Cope With British Weather

One thing you can expect in the UK is the weather to be unreliable. For those all-important royal appointments held outside its vital the Queen’s wardrobe doesn’t let her down.

This surprised me, as I had no idea the lengths her wardrobe team went too. There is a rumour that they actually test fabric using electrical fans.  Then they know how the material will react in different conditions.  Small curtain weights are sewn into the hem to give the fabric more weight where required so the queen will look her best even with an unexpected gust of wind! Others say that its because the dresses have a tighter circumference than normal.  So no chance of lifting when the Queen leaves her royal carriage.

Rain is a big problem in the UK so the Queen can often be found with her umbrella of choice.  A birdcage-style, clear umbrella created by Royal Warrant holders, Fulton Umbrellas. The umbrellas are transparent so crowds can see her but the trim and handle matches the colour of her dress. Nothing is down to chance of course so ahead of an event; her majesty’s senior dresser will send a colour swatch.  Fulton Umbrellas then use this to create an umbrella with a perfectly colour-matched trim. Preparation is key when you’re the Queen!

Colour Choice

The Queen’s outfit colour isn’t down to chance but a careful consideration of which colour would be best suited for a particular event she is attending. For the Diamond Jubilee concert the queen wore gold influenced by the Queen Victoria Memorial statue the stage was built around, it’s all about achieving a cohesive outfit that works with the influences around her.

Also its important the focus is on her highness and that she does not blend into the background so bright colours are favoured to capture everyone’s attention.

She also does not repeat the same shade of colour too close together; you will notice a big gap between those colours being worn again.

The finer details

It’s not enough to initially look flawless; outfits must stay that way, so the practicalities of the chosen outfits are especially important. Each designer develops outfits made from wrinkle-proof material, designed to withstand the demands of every royal appointment including travelling and extended periods sitting. Linen is avoided as it creases too easily, wool or cotton are favoured.

Heel height is kept to 2.25 inches to ensure the queen is comfortable on royal appointments. The queen can’t be seen to be hobbling around on high heels!  Lots of celebrities could do with following the Queen’s example.

Also each outfit has a duplicate just incase the Queen manages to spill her drink on the one she is wearing! No one would ever realise as she is still dressed exactly the same.

It’s no surprise the Queen’s dressers keep their own handwritten wardrobe diaries to track what was worn and for what occasion as there is actually so much to consider when dressing a Queen. So although the Queen does make looking impeccable seem easy, there is actually a lot more going on behind the scenes.

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