My Money Saving Challenge With Scottish Friendly

When you’re on holiday you can
get in to a different mindset about spending money, you might think what the
heck its time to enjoy myself and spend freely, your relaxed and contented you
don’t like thinking about how dangerously close you are to dipping into your
overdraft and what’s another few quid on the credit card when you have the
happy glow of one too many cocktails! 
Yes come on we have ALL been there.

When your cocktail matches your top 😁 x

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But the costs can QUICKLY spiral
if you spending goes unchecked and it’s not so much fun when you land back in
the UK and reality hits! Payday might
seem a long way away and the excitement of your holiday sadly now a distant

We have spent the last week on
holiday in Spain so it was excellent timing for me to take part in a Scottish Friendly Money Saving
Diary Challenge and not let myself get TOO carried away! Holidays are something I love but deep down
I know we have other spending priorities that are more important, our house
needs some serious renovations so I wanted to use a spending diary to try and see more clearly where savings could be made so that we have more funds to commit to
upgrading our house! If I can save
money on holiday then I can definitely save more during regular weeks, by just
being more aware about where our money goes and which purchases weren’t strictly necessary.

We had unlimited access to the theme park PortAventura World during our stay so for us a big cost would have been keeping hydrated in the
heat! To save LOTS of money we bought a
bottle of water each then made the most of the water fountains dotted around
the park to refill them. It saved a
small fortune doing this because bottles of water in the theme park were quite
pricey and we developed quite the thirst in the sunshine. Even better if you have a supermarket near
you buy your first initial bottles from them, as they are much cheaper than the ones
available in the theme park.

Then when we hit the beach, the boys grumbled they had no
buckets and spades etc to play with, the next time we came I took a few of our
plastic cups provided with the all inclusive drinks at the hotel which doubled
quite nicely as a scoop or a mini bucket for sandcastles!!! Another saving, admittedly not on such a big scale as the water fountain tip but better to have a few extra quid now I am
back in the UK where the boys already have their own buckets and spades – we
certainly needed no more!

Our hotel
in Lanzarote last year had some beach toys in reception available to residents
so if your children don’t come onboard to utilising plastic cups see what your
hotel has in stock before spending any money!

One of the days on our holiday we visited Barcelona so the
boys could see the football ground, we were away from the resort straight after
breakfast and then missed lunch from our all-inclusive package.

My two were thrilled to see the stadium #campnoustadium #campnou #barcelona ⚽ x

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This meant we spent quite a lot eating out
that day, a trick we missed was checking if the hotel would have provided us with
a picnic lunch instead! That is something
for us to definitely consider next time we are on holiday, because it would
have saved us a good few euros!!! I did
notice another family from a different hotel with sandwiches so they obviously had more
sense and a better managed bank account than me!

So overall we did quite well spurred on by the challenge,
but we could have been a bit more frugal and arrived home to slightly less of a
dent to our bank account!!!

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