Reconsidering Our Holidays Abroad

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Our last holiday abroad was to Lanzarote in June 2016 and although it was on the whole a wonderful experience certain things let it down. It has made me wonder whether next time we should book a villa instead, so we can be more in control of our holiday accommodation whilst still enjoy all the best bits of Lanzarote.

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You might think the room in itself isn’t that important because you might be out a lot making the most of your destination and its facilities, but to get the full benefit of a holiday it helps having decent accommodation too. Somewhere to get away from the maddening crowds and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet when you need it! Otherwise holidays can be quite exhausting which defeats the point of booking them.

Being away is meant to be a relaxing experience but it was hard to switch off and have a proper break when the cleaners in Lanzarote would be around before 8am sweeping our patio and the communal stairs!!! We had been up late with the onsite entertainment so it would have been nice to come around in our own time, without having the noise of cleaners who seemed to relish their job a little too much!!! Those brooms would smack into the outside wall of our apartment very enthusiastically… I swear they enjoyed waking all the holidaymakers up. Looks so idyllic, but not if you wanted a lie in!

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I have been looking on Clickstay for more holidays abroad because they have so much choice when it comes to holiday homes and more than anything I quite fancy a private pool. You see another grumble about our previous holiday was the fact you needed to get up at the crack of dawn if you wanted a sun lounger by the pool. To me all these early mornings are not what a holiday is about, what with overeager cleaners and the battle for a seat by the pool, your towel needed to be in place before 8am! With a private pool and our own loungers we wouldn’t have to worry about getting a spot, we could be happy in the knowledge we would get a space when we wanted one!

Making me time a priority

I would also like a bit more ME time, our next holiday we are all in one room.  Getting the boys to sleep and having any time to ourselves in the evening will be pretty much impossible for a week. Yes I thought it was the most affordable option, but looking at the prices of villas you get so much more for your money. I have been searching for villas in Lanzarote and have seen some lovely options.

Three bedrooms would be ideal, that way the boys don’t stay up late chatting and messing about, my nerves would be less frazzled and I would have more energy for all the day trips and adventures we enjoy as a family. I turn 40 next year so a holiday in a villa sounds a nice way to celebrate the milestone birthday, somewhere a bit more luxurious with great views, a private pool and perhaps even a hot tub.

Villas are certainly sounding more and more tempting!  One thing I think I would miss is the all inclusive food and drink provision, we would have to shop and cook in a villa.

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