Encouraging Outdoor Play

Outdoor play

It’s important to encourage outdoor play.  Lots of children these days are cooped up inside playing consoles until their eyes go blurry.  Instead help them make the most of their outside space. If you have a garden its worth getting a few pieces of play equipment to coax them away from computer games! I know how hard it can be to get my boys off their computer games.  But it’s all about balance and time outdoors keeps them active and healthy.  I usually put a timer on screen time to achieve a happy medium.

We have quite a big garden so I was looking for playground equipment as I really didn’t know where to start. At the moment we don’t have much out there.  The boys tend to improvise using stones to make forts for LEGO figures or filling buckets of water from the outside tap and making potions with flowers in the garden!!! Good thing I wasn’t too precious about my roses isn’t it!

Magic Potions

I like that my boys are creative enough to come up with their own ideas.  Although I would prefer some proper playground equipment too.  Potion making can get quite MESSY especially when they raid the kitchen cupboards too.


Equally it can get a little crazy when I give them free rein on the paints!!!

Creativity happening here #mindthemess 😀 x

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Getting the Garden Ready

With the LONG summer holidays ahead I need to be prepared and having the garden sorted would make my life easier. We also have an additional car park area that has a fair bit of redundant grassy space, I feel inspired to make a little nature section, with an insect habitat and butterfly box. We are members of the RSPB now so a bird table to help our feathered friends could work well too.

I like that you can search in sections on the website depending on the age of your children, my two are both in primary still, so the Primary school section is tailored perfectly to their age. I think I should send the link to the boys school as their playground is very lacklustre and uninspiring, but given budget cuts in schools I guess it hasn’t been a priority for them so far, although I would gladly fundraise if I knew they would have something like the Wild Wood set up at the end of it.

Outdoor play can be educational and gives children the chance to discover and explore. Setting up a proper play space can mean you can take a step back and give your children the freedom they crave. If you have limited funds you can do other things to make outside more appealing like buy them chalks to decorate the garden, let them paint rocks and one activity the boys really enjoyed was when I used the water hose to make outline shapes of them!

Fun with water and outlines!!! #summerholidays x

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  1. I love this blog post! One of my top tips for parents who avoid art activities due to fear of the mess is to create outside. I love that you are so open to the mess. That freedom to discover, explore and create does wonders for kids’ imaginations.

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