Why School Cuts Cannot Continue


It is really sad when you hear about cutbacks happening in schools.  Some schools have had to cut back their opening hours to make their budgets stretch others cannot purchase much needed resources and learning materials.  Classes keep getting bigger and bigger as schools have to reduce the number of teachers they can afford to hire.  As a parent I worry what impact these school cuts will have on our children’s education.

I am concerned they have less individual attention.  Children who do need extra assistance might be missed.  Those that would excel given the right chances will go unnoticed. Children will generally have less opportunities to try new activities and learn new skills.  There will not be adequate funds to support anything more than a very basic curriculum.  I think the fact my boys are forced to take welsh GCSE’s makes me panic more.  I can’t give them as much support at home as I would like.  Ideally I will need the boys to get a bit extra help at school with that.

Watch the video

The following video is quite shocking to watch.  School funding has actually been cut by £2.8 billion since 2015, which is a staggering figure. 18, 329 schools will face more cuts so unfortunately its very likely your child’s school is one of them.

I guess I never knew how difficult it had got for schools.  Yes you notice little changes.  But slowly they start to snowball and you suddenly realise just how bad things are getting!

How about your child’s school?

You can check if your school is one of the ones that will have effected by possible cuts on the https://www.schoolcuts.org.uk website. Simply enter the postcode and then prepare yourself for the devastating news that things will most likely be changing for the worse at the school your child attends. Funding is linked to performance there is no denying that.  However you look at it less money will have serious consequences. Schools are having to rely more and more on the fundraising efforts of parents, but its nowhere near enough to fill the gap in funding. Some families already struggle to make ends meet, if those parents have to dip into their own pockets to support their school what impact will that have for them at home.

My concerns

Having two boys in primary school I really worry that they might not have the same opportunities in the UK as children do in some other countries where education funding is a priority. Children are our future so it seems a backward move not to direct enough funds to their development. Welsh schools are set to lose £163 million a year by 2020, for my boys school it means one less teaching assistant and a signification reduction in funding per child. It looks even worse when they head to secondary school, which is only a school year away for my eldest.  According to the website then its three lost teachers, which is depressing to think about.

These cuts cannot continue. Politicians try and convince us that funding is at “record levels” but the video shows a completely different story, per-pupil expenditure (the amount spent on each child) is down and there is no sugar coating it. Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union encourages us to “Vote for education”, lets improve the quality of our children’s education and say no to further funding cuts. Keep sharing the video and hopefully help make a difference.

3 thoughts on “Why School Cuts Cannot Continue

  1. It is awful that some schools can't even afford basic supplies and like the video shows it is our children who will suffer. so unfair. shared the video and fingers crossed for thursday x

  2. You know what it is blooming shocking. As a parent, I would happily pay 2p extra tex for my kids to have free school meals and for others too. I fear for the future of our country.

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