Preparing for your Holidays

Preparing for your holidays

Getting ready for a holiday can be quite stressful.  It helps to have a checklist so you know what you need to do and by when. I am quite a last minute sort of person so it always turns into a bit of a panic just before we go.  I always realize I have forgotten to sort something out.  Preparing for your holidays requires good organisational skills!  You want everything ticked off before flying off into the sunset.  It’s not just shopping for the best holiday deals its all the packing on top!

We went to Salou in May and it was literally two days before that I had travel money; insurance and a stopover stay at the airport the night before our flight sorted! I would feel much more relaxed if I was a bit more structured getting ready for a holiday.

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Make a List

I would recommend you write a list.  Without a proper list items can be forgotten and it can be frustrating arriving at your destination minus something important you need. Medication is a tricky one to sort out when you get there.  Much better to have it with you from home, as an asthmatic I need to know I have my inhalers with me. I have started making lists because my memory is dreadful and there are quite a lot of things to remember with packing for the boys, hubbie and myself. For example the boys always grumble if they don’t have their goggles with them. You can pick up extra bits when you arrive but its costly then when you could have brought them for free from home.

Get Prepared in Advance

If you’re like me and a bit disorganised do read this article by Destination2 “Counting down to your holiday” you will feel better being prepared in advance. They give you a clear idea of what you should have sorted in the run up to your holiday. It is a good prompt to make sure I remember the littlest of details, like watering my plants, my poor houseplant looked very sorry for itself after we arrived back from a week in Salou! Even though my parents were keeping an eye on the house I forgot to mention the two plants that needed hydrating!

The suggestion to get your washing sorted 7 days before is a good one! I usually realize something I need for the holiday is at the bottom of a very long pile.  Then I am frantically trying to get it washed and dried the day we go!!! Yes really I am THAT higgledy-piggledy with the packing.  Perhaps taking tips from me for preparing for your holidays isn’t ideal as I need all the help I can get!

I like the idea of writing up a timetable three days before you go.  It’s vital you arrive at the airport in adequate time to be checked in and go through security. Allow for traffic because there is nothing worse than being delayed.  Then the clock watching starts worrying you will miss your flight! You want to arrive at the airport in the holiday spirit not uptight and stressed out!!!

So remember for enjoyable holidays preparation is KEY. Write lists and avoid leaving things till the last minute. Note to self must remember this for next years holiday.

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