Underfloor Heating OR Radiators?

Heating your home to a pleasant and comfortable temperature during the chilly winter months is becoming more expensive.  But its something you can’t get round.  Unless your willing to wear a million layers or shiver away for a big chunk of the year. I really feel the cold and like to be snug and warm.  Blanket and hot water bottle at the ready!

With the energy firms hiking up prices yet again, this coming winter could mean I am wearing even more layers.  In my bid to try and delay when I turn the heating on. But that’s not practical if you have vulnerable people living at home.  Very young children or the elderly need to be kept at a consistent temperature.

But if you could invest in a new heating system, which would it be – a re-vamped radiator and central heating system or the pleasant heat given off by warm floors with underfloor heating? New systems are usually more energy efficient, but which to pick!

The Pros and The Cons of Both Systems

Our homes are all different. Our needs are different. Budgets vary considerably. Likes and dislikes differ from one person to another too. As a result, it is fair to say that what is a pro to one person, might well be a con to another.

What could be seen as a disadvantage by some, may not make much of a difference to you.  Such as the fact that underfloor heating takes longer to increase heat in its system than radiators and a boiler do.

What Are YOU Looking For?

Which system suits you depends on what you need from a heating system.

Do you want a heating system that is easy to control, produces a gentle heat, has minimal maintenance requirements and is cost-efficient? Take a look at underfloor heating and what pipes laid in the sub floor with constantly circulating hot water can offer you.

To help you understand the differences between central heating and underfloor heating, examine the pros and cons infographic on both heating systems (information provided by Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies). You may be surprised what comes out on top…

underfloor heating

I must confess I am tempted by underfloor heating as I don’t have the best circulation in the world and my feet are freezing! With lots of laminate flooring instead of carpets my feet are so cold I can feel quite miserable at times.  I would love to walk on a warm floor.  It would be such a treat for my feet!

I am also very interested where it says it reduces dust in the house too.  As an asthmatic that would be a big plus point!  It would be very welcome in terms of keeping the house cleaner hopefully!

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