Why Birdwatching is Great for Children

Bird watching is a fantastic hobby for children to become acquainted with. Not only is it educational, it also encourages children to get exploring and take an interest in the outdoors. We are relatively new members of the RSPB as it included entrance into their nature reserves, so we need to invest in a good pair of binoculars now we are taking the hobby more seriously!

A tunnel to explore, cookies to munch and birds to spot #rspbnaturereserve #rspb_love_nature #rspb x

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Children of all ages will be fascinated with how the birds move, their colours, and how they live. In order to make your first family birdwatch a successful one, we came across this handy infographic that is the perfect introduction into birdwatching, whether you are heading to a nature reserve or spotting birds in your own garden.

Birdwatching experts and outdoor enthusiasts Kennedy Wild Bird Food have also provided us with these tips for encouraging birds to visit your garden:

  • Place different types of feeders with a variety of tasty bird treats around your garden to attract as many species as possible.

  • Make sure your feeder is visible from your windows so you and your children can enjoy looking at the birds.

  • Pop some stickers on outside of the windows to stop birds flying into them.

  • Consider growing a native variety of plants in your backyard, as they are better supplying insects, which of course is another form of bird food.

  • Ensure clean, fresh water is always available.

  • Consider putting up a couple of nestboxes. Some even have cameras in them so your kids can marvel at how the birds nest.

We have been using a mixture of sunflower seeds and RSPB bird food that had a bit of everything included (dried mealworms, raisins and suet nibbles). It is aimed to be as nutritious as possible, I like thinking we are doing our little bit to help birds visiting our garden. Since making a more conscious effort to leave bird food out we have been rewarded with many more bird visitors, I noticed a few making nests too.

We did have stickers on the window this year like recommended, but after adding them for the first time a chaffinch suddenly became very protective and starting attacking our windows! From first thing when the sun rises it would be at it, manically tapping away, I am not sure if it was initially because of the stickers or just a coincidence as it hadn’t happened previously. We used clingfilm to coat the window and that really helped, no longer seeing their reflection they finally left our windows in peace!

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