Tesco Celebrating Everything Dads Do #TannoyTakeover #FathersDay

Last weekend I visited the Tesco Extra Wrexham store so the boys could surprise their dad with a special pre-recorded message over their tannoy system.

We were very excited to get behind the Tesco in-store Tannoy Takeover campaign; it’s such an original concept and very thoughtful as it makes dads feel truly cherished for what they give to the family, whether its their time, energy, love or endless patience.

I watched a video of last year’s reactions and welled up, it really made me feel quite emotional hearing how thankful everyone was. Sometimes we just assume our dad knows, but nothing beats telling our dads just how important they really are! Let’s stop them being unsung heroes and start rejoicing in everything they do.

The boys couldn’t wait for the recording to play to see how their dad would react! He was just casually shopping before being surprised by our heartfelt message. We wanted to celebrate the boys’ precious relationship with their dad and what better way than announcing it out loud for EVERYONE to hear!

I am sure other shoppers got caught up in the moment and felt a little tug on their heartstrings hearing us speaking, its difficult not to when you hear a message of love and gratitude. I think it’s a beautiful way to sprinkle happiness around Tesco stores acknowledging one of the most important people we will ever have in our lives.

It is such a wonderful idea for Father’s Day, a genuinely sweet gesture to give the dads out there a bit of a shout out so they know just how much they are appreciated and loved. As a parent you can feel like your taken for granted at times, but a meaningful message like mine or those recorded last year can make all the difference. Dad’s love to be recognised for their contributions and to feel valued, whether it’s through a Tesco Tannoy message, a gift or even just a card!

So why not show your dad how much he means to you and head to https://www.tesco.com/tannoytakeover to submit your own message to be played over the tannoy when your in-store with your dad over the Saturday or Sunday of Father’s day weekend. Please don’t be afraid to express your emotions and make your dad feel great this Father’s Day, let him listen to your message and then wrap him up in a big hug! After your announcement head to the customer service desk and a dedicated Tannoy Takeover colleague will greet your dad with a £10 gift card so they can get a little treat too! Gifts and a special message what more could they want this Father’s Day.

This post is written in collaboration with Tesco, but all thoughts are my own.

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  1. That is brilliant, we had the chance to do one but sadly we were away. I think it is such a fun idea, I would love to get hold of a tannoy, you could have such fun with it.

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