Fentimans Summer Drinks Hamper Competition


I have drunk many a Rose Lemonade in my time.  Buying a Fentimans drink always feels like a real treat so I was only too eager to review a summer drinks hamper.  It was nice to be introduced to more of the wonderful range.

Is it wrong I wanted to hide its arrival from the boys so I could savour the delectable flavours for myself?

The soft drinks sound so appealing Curiosity Cola, Rose Lemonade, Cherry Cola, Traditional Ginger Beer, Wild English Elderflower, Dandelion & Burdock, Victorian Lemonade and Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger. It was a real struggle deciding which to try first.

There are 10 soft drinks in the range in total.  The other two that were not included in my delivery are Sparkling Lime & Jasmine and Lemon Shandy.  Sparkling Lime & Jasmine I am eager to try so will be keeping an eye open for that.

Fentimans only use natural ingredients.  No artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours or preservatives to worry about. Once you have been introduced to the brand you will want to sample all the aromatic flavours.  It’s not just the taste either.  They smell so inviting too. The old-style packaging is great and in keeping with the heritage of the brand.  It also features the founders dog, Fearless, a crufts champion no less!


Fentimans have been creating delicious drinks for over 100 years.  They use traditional methods since the company was originally founded in 1905 by Thomas Fentiman. The company is currently run by Eldon Robson, Thomas Fentiman’s great, great grandson.  It’s incredible that the family business has continued down so many generations. This means the original values and skills of Thomas Fentiman have been maintained and expanded upon as time has gone by.

Each drink is brewed over 7 days.  This keeps its unique and distinctive flavour. Fentimans are the only company in the whole of the UK to continue to use botanical brewing methods.


I am giving away a hamper of Fentimans soft drinks if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 3rd of September.

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