Pass the Pigs Competition

Pass the Pigs

My boys love the original Pass the Pigs game (RRP £9.99), it’s simple to understand and entertaining to play. All you do is throw the two little pigs in the air and count out your score depending on how they land.

My boys can play this game for ages, never tiring of the various landing positions. Plus they don’t seem to argue as much as it’s really a game of chance, neither of the boys are more skilled than the other so they don’t feel at an unfair disadvantage with the need to grumble about it.

Not all positions help in your quest to win the game, if your pigs land on their side facing different directions you lose your points! It’s frustrating starting again, but it makes it all the more competitive and exciting, it’s anyone’s game until someone gets to 100 points first.

Pass the Pigs is down to luck, but it doesn’t stop you trying to achieve the impossible with the two pigs ending up in a piggy back position. We haven’t yet mastered a technique for getting them both in the same position that has decent points, there doesn’t seem a magical hand throw to gain a good score it’s all in the hands of fate!

The original Pass the Pigs is a handy size so portable for holidays, least then you have something to amuse your children if the weather changes. It comes in its own travel case complete with a pencil and score card so you have everything you need to get started.

I think it’s fantastic that you can now buy an inflatable pigs version.  It’s even more amusing throwing a bigger pig and seeing how it will land. You can watch the YouTube video below to see the game in action:

I think it’s given the game a whole new lease of life! For £14.99 you can’t say fairer than that, especially as the pigs double up as pool inflatables, all the more reason to pack them for your holidays too!!!


If you would like to win both these games, the original Pass the Pigs and the Giant Pass the Pigs please fill out the form below by the 2nd of September.

If you love the pig theme for board games don’t forget Pig Goes Pop is another great game to add to your collection.

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