Funidelia: Transforming My Son Into Superman


My youngest son was delighted with his new Superman outfit from Funidelia he is still of an age he is quite happy to dress up, which is lovely really as I like the imagination involved when he role-plays. Dressing up can really benefit children, it helps them recall how they think a particular character should act.

He thinks he is strong and brave, even if he does look a little angry!!! That’s his I can conquer the world face. Lex Luthor honestly I wouldn’t try your luck. I’ve seen this one when he’s overtired or hungry and I don’t fancy your chances.

My son quickly got into character with this particular costume, he liked his new muscles and flexing them and pretending to fly off. I think being a superhero is a good role to play, aside from all the flexing of muscles you get to be a savior and help people! Good characteristics to encourage in a developing mind, wanting to do good and be a hero. To be honest he is just as happy being a pirate running off with the treasure though…

The Superman fancy dress outfit is currently reduced to £30.77 and is good quality for the price.  You get a belt and cape included and the boot tops tie over your shoes so you instantly look the part. Although the padded muscles was definitely my son’s highlight.  He kept kissing his muscles or pushing them. I guess its quite a novelty having an instant six pack.

We have a big Batman mural and my son looked like he wanted to fly up and challenge Batman.  He must have felt brave after discovering all those muscles. Although it’s good he takes a break from admiring them to follow other pursuits!!! He was also quite keen on waving his cloak around.

Fancy Dress for Summer Holiday Fun

I am sure my youngest will have lots more fun with this costume over the summer holidays! With fancy dress children’s options are unlimited.  Do have a look through the Funidelia site and see what captures your child’s interests.  They have everything from characters from films or video games, superheroes, animals, pirates, cowboys and so much more. Children’s fancy dress has never been so extensive.  Pick up a few choices and enjoy seeing what imaginary adventure your children will have.

If I am honest I wish I was one of those parents that could throw a few bits of material together and make a costume.  It must be a very satisfying feeling seeing the end result,  But I never have had those skills and probably never will.  Luckily sites like Funidelia cater for parents like me who know how much their children love fancy dress but just need a helping hand.

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