Summer 2017 #InteriorInspirations

Interior Inspirations

If I am honest I would love to be better at bringing our house together, those little touches that transform it into a home. I don’t have that eye for what works but I have found a useful interior inspirations ebook developed by Chill which might just help me get this house looking good and flowing better. At the moment I have just been trying to cut back on clutter but a few rooms look too empty, not warm and inviting, a bit barren. They don’t have a theme that works and lack personality.

In a survey chill found 59% of people are more likely to change their interiors in summertime, I guess the warmth is a catalyst for change so what better time for me to get cracking. I do like the tropical theme, palm trees and flamingos but I don’t know how well it would work in the depths of winter! I guess it would be an excuse to change my interiors again when the time comes around…

Nautical Theme

Another of my favourites from the ebook is Ahoy Sailor, if you live by the sea or have fond memories of trips to the coast this might be a theme worth developing. Lately I have gone crazy about visiting lighthouses so this is one theme I would be happy to have. I did purchase a simple lighthouse lamp not long ago and could try and pick up some shells on our next holiday, a sail boat and some rope and viola I would have a working theme.

The colour of our sofa fit in quite well with a nautical theme, I think I would need to look at changing our pictures though and perhaps even adding some bunting! If I did start theming our rooms I would want ideas I could easily refresh without too much expense or effort when interiors change in popularity. I would stick with plain rooms and just change them with appropriate accessories. 33% people choose to revamp their living room, we did this room first as I think you can spend a considerable amount of time in that particular room. Our bedroom is still waiting to be tackled, but that requires a bit of renovation work first (all in good time).

I have only picked out what I like at the moment, I have mentioned neutrals so the trend for pastels is not for me. My preference is a blank canvas to bring to life with well matched accessories and furniture.

Bringing The Outdoors In

I could be swayed to bring the outdoors in if it wasn’t for the fact I am a hopeless gardener and when plants rely on me it doesn’t tend to end well. I love how it looks though as a theme, plants make me happy, I just don’t seem very good at looking after them and usually give them to my mum to try and revive them afterwards!!!



Do you have any plans for your interiors this summer?

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