Pud in a Mug Review

Pud in a Mug

I love the Pud in a Mug range, they are perfect if you are craving cake but don’t have any in the house! So easy to make and very convenient to have in the cupboard as they have longer lasting dates than regular cake.

I am thrilled they have brought out a Sticky Toffee Sponge Pud variant.  But sadly didn’t get a chance to eat it as my eldest quickly claimed it as his…

I will be stocking up for the summer holidays though.  Cake gets me through the days when the kids are driving me crazy! I will have a stash of Pud in a Mug to break-open in emergencies!!!

Let’s be honest I basically crave cake all day long! But thankfully If you have milk and a packet of Pud in a Mug on standby you have cake whenever you need it!!!

It doesn’t take long to make.  Eldest was quite happy making his own following the simple instructions on the packet.

Add the required quantity of milk, sprinkle in the contents of the packet, mix in, then heat for 50 seconds in the microwave. It’s good he can have a little bit of independence and make it himself.  We ate our puds straight from the mug.  However you can turn them out onto a plate if you prefer.  If you’re feeling fancy perhaps add some squirty cream and a cherry!

The Milk Chocolate flavoured variety has slightly different instructions but again is still relatively easy to follow. This is because it’s a velvety dessert.  It does look appetising, but youngest has earmarked it as his own. Seriously I need to start opening packages from PR companies when the boys are out of the house!!!

It’s important to pick a suitable mug to make your pud in (250ml).  If it’s too big the cake will look less impressive than it actually is and not do it justice. The Rich Chocolate variety was delicious, very moreish and the perfect pick me up treat to get me in the right frame of mind ready for the start of the school holidays!

With a MRRP of £0.85 you really can’t go wrong.  Head to your local Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons or Tesco to get your cake fix!

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