Staying Safe in the Sun

Staying Safe in the Sun

I really worry about how safe we are in the heat of the sun.  My dad had a skin cancer scare not that long ago and since then I have more panicky than usual about the length of time we spend in the sun and what skin factor sun cream we use.  I think if you have children its even more important staying safe in the sun.

I usually slather us in the stuff so for a bit we tend to look like Casper the Friendly Ghost till it all sinks in much to the boys disgust! Finding a sun cream with special features like anti-sand sun cream is one of my priorities, which makes it easier to apply when you are at the beach!

The boys are packed off to school with bottles of sun cream during this time of year to make sure they can reapply later in the day. They usually share it out with their friends so it runs out quite quickly! But I like knowing they care about keeping their friends protected from the sun too. They seem more enthusiastic applying sun cream when they do it independently.

We have just spent a few days in Weymouth and it was glorious but it did concern me the number of very red people walking around, little ones too.  It breaks my heart as sunburn can be very painful and sore.

Holiday Gems have a useful article called the Lobster Look: Tips On Sun Safety This Summer which is a handy guide if you want to avoid sporting the lobster look. Please don’t be like my brother he considers it the first step to getting a tan.  Rolls eyes, he doesn’t know the first thing about staying safe in the sun.

Wear a hat to stay safe in the sun

I made sure the boys had their baseball hats with them at Paultons Park yesterday. It was 30 degrees so like being abroad, I wanted to make sure they had a bit of shade as it was a busy day trying to fit in as many rides as we could and I wanted to avoid them getting sun stroke.

Wear sunglasses

I did have their sunglasses with me too as its another way to protect your face from the harmful rays of the sun, but the boys chose not to wear them… to be honest after applying sun cream and ensuring they had a hat each I wasn’t ready for another battle. I did however wear my own as the brightness of the sun really hurts my eyes.

Staying safe in the sun

Have a break from the sun

I like to try and spend some of the day in the shade especially when the sun is at its highest. I am not a sun-worshiper so happy enough to head indoors to give myself a break from the heat. Personally I wouldn’t spend a day sunbathing and usually come back from a holiday abroad as white as I left. But if you like capturing every last ray of the summer sun then be aware of the signs that your becoming unwell from too much exposure to the sun, symptoms like tiredness, dizzy, suffering from a headache or feeling sick mean its time to have a lie down (out of the sun) and re-hydrate yourself.

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