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Lottie Dolls

I really love the concept of Lottie Dolls, they have been designed from children’s imaginations.  Backed up with valuable input from industry experts, child psychologists, nutrition experts and parents. All that research has paid off.  These dolls children can really relate too and serve as excellent role models.

The dolls actually look like children.  Additionally they encourage them to join in on adventures and outdoor play.  Surprisingly (and rather refreshingly) its not about body image and make up just enjoying childhood in its purest form. Exploring, discovering the world around them and finding hobbies that they like.

Lottie dolls have varied interests.  The Lottie range covers pretty much anything you could think of. So much more choice than when I was a child.  These dolls hunt for fossils, play football, go fishing and jump in muddy puddles. When I was a child my dolls didn’t really have any interests as such they just seemed to ride around in a car with Ken until it was time to tidy their mansion.  I am all for dolls like this that celebrate children’s individuality!!!

The quality of the dolls, clothes and accessories are exceptional, lots of attention to detail. These dolls certainly have a very positive message for our children. The Bee Yourself Outfit packaging encourages us to save the bees.  You can then talk to your child about the importance of saving bees and the steps you can do at home to help them.  You can encourage your child to plant wildflowers and shrubs and add hanging baskets to your garden.

Diversity is important with Lottie dolls.  The Mia Doll in the prize bundle actually has a cochlear implant (to help those that are deaf).  Children with disabilities can associate with these toys.


If you would like to win a Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll (£18.99), a Wildlife Photographer Mia Doll (£21.99) and a Bee Yourself Outfit Set (£9.50) please fill out the form below by the 28th of August.

Please only enter if your happy for your email to be shared with the competition host Lottie Dolls.  They will not be shared with any 3rd party.

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  1. These dolls are wonderful. My 9 year old daughter has just discovered them and is saving up her pocket money to buy her first one. It would be amazing if I could win this prize for her 😀🤗❤️ I also love your blog, great stuff. Thank you xx

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