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VR Real Feel

Gaming is continually getting more exciting and I love the sound of VR Real Feel Racing, it looks very immersive for the price. We are big gamers here so enjoy hearing about new developments. Created by VR Entertainment Ltd, the company behind the popular Teksta range, VR Real Feel™ Racing offer technology that put players inside the action like never before.

This piece of kit would make a fab fun Christmas present, I have started making a list of different ideas that will appeal to the boys and this is most certainly on the shortlist! It’s good for their age group (8 and 10) and something hubbie would be quite happy to try too.

With comfortable headset googles (featuring soft foam face guard and adjustable straps) and a Bluetooth steering wheel you get a lot for the RRP of £39.99. It’s no more expensive than your average console game yet it is a far richer experience and very realistic, vibrations come through the steering wheel when you bump and crash into other cars, with Android or Apple bringing incredible graphics into the mix!

You just download the free app and hook-up your phone to the viewer googles and away you go! We have tried a cardboard viewer before but this looks much more sturdy.

Watch the video to see it in action:

This set is a good introduction to virtual reality gaming without spending very much. You’re not limited to just racing either the equipment works with lots of free VR apps, so you can get continued use out of your purchase. Pitched for children 8+ it gives them a chance to enjoy it without waiting until they turn 12.

With the VR Real Feel Racing steering wheel, you can turn, accelerate, brake and shift for intuitive, familiar control, so much better than the existing VR alternative of turning your head! I really can’t see any negatives, fantastic price, great concept and design. Available to buy from Amazon, Smyths Toys, Toys R Us, Halfords and Debenhams.


If you would like to win a VR Real Feel Racing system please fill out the form below by the 25th of August.

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