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marketing your blog

I work from home, its great I can have that flexibility to make it work around the kids.  Being a success at blogging is partially down to figures.  PR companies are always keen to know your social media followers and the traffic your site receives.  The higher of each the better so marketing your blog is essential.

Naturally content is key too.  But that’s just part of the overall package that your putting across when pitching for work. So many more people have blogs these days it’s hard to get yourself noticed in the crowd!  It can also help if your good at photography.  I keep meaning to do a course.  I am a naughty blogger and stick primarily to my mobile phone when I have a pretty decent camera my mum gave us collecting dust in the cupboard!

NCC Home Learning Online would like to hear the thoughts bloggers have about marketing their blog by completing the following survey. I found it quite interesting to complete and look forward to seeing what the survey shows when they have everyone’s responses back.  If you’re a blogger do fill it in, the more the merrier so the results can be more comprehensive.

I am especially eager to know which social media platform overall works best for getting the most traffic because then I might consider focusing more attention on that particular one.  As it is I seem to favour twitter at the moment, I think because its where I have my biggest following (17k), so I feel my posts get seen by a larger audience.

Always use hashtags too.  See which ones are trending or topical and try and get involved in those subjects that people are very interested in at the moment.

I think the best way to get traffic is social media (if you have a considerable following) and search engines.  However each of the options mentioned in the survey can play a part. Word of mouth works at blogging events (plus they can be a lot of fun, like Britmums), handing out your business cards and making connections. I remember being so very excited having my first proper business cards. I read (or heard somewhere) if you give each person two business cards and they pass one on to someone else before you know it you’re getting seen by a much bigger audience! Might be worth a try…

As it is I am not so keen on getting in people’s faces anymore. Some bloggers are far too intense for me.  I guess each to their own.  We all have way of doing things and what works for some might not for others.  Although I think the more bubbly and confident you are the higher your chances of success. But you can achieve a lot whatever your personality is like.  If you are consistent with your approach and timely with your work commitments.

I haven’t used the paid for marketing options so found it hard commenting on which platform has the best choice. I think if I ever upscaled my blog to the next level I would investigate this further.

Not mentioned but still important I think are competitions which can be a good way to be seen.  Those entering tend to have a good nosey around afterwards and it’s all welcome traffic! Plus you can read my earlier post about getting noticed, which talks about adding appropriate tags/title to increase your likelihood of being seen in search engines.

Share your tips

Feel free to share any tips you have.  I am always keen to hear ways to improve my traffic.

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