Celebrating the Arrival of Series 4 Num Noms with a Competition

Num Noms

Num Noms are so cute and smell gorgeous.  They are extremely popular lots of children are already familiar with the collectable toy brand.  I am sure they will be delighted to hear that series 4 will be launching in the UK. To celebrate I am giving away some fabulous Num Noms prizes, because let’s be honest your child probably can’t get enough of them!

We have featured Num Noms numerous times since they initially launched in early 2016.  I really like the concept.  It’s very original and the creative team behind the toy continue to make such interesting new characters and scents. The idea continues to be very innovative and fun.  How they even keep coming up with this many new desserts is beyond me (and I love my cake!).

New Scents

Series 4 has lots of exciting new scents to add to your collection so one lucky reader of my blog is in for a treat. They sound so very tempting, with everything from cookies and creamery Nums to fancy cake and baked goods Nums.  I feel like drooling just reading through each of the “flavours”.

The recipe choices you can now “make” keep expanding giving you ample choice when creating enticing stackable combinations! You also have a helpful accessories like a spoon, tongs, cake slice, bowl or cookie jar.  These all help you serve and present your imaginary concoctions.

If you have children who enjoy making food playing with Num Noms can still be very satisfying experience without all the mess!! Although one sniff of the irresistible and unique scents and you may well be craving sweet stuff.

But not satisfied with leaving it there MGA Entertainment also let you pamper yourself with the pretty glitter lip gloss and scented nail polish Noms, so you have plenty to do when you buy a pack of Num Noms! Lots of added value means this is one toy that will keep your child happily occupied for ages. To find out more information about Series 4 Num Noms head to the official website.


If you would like to win my Num Noms competition please fill out the form below by the 5th of September.

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