The Importance of Will Writing

Will Writing

We have written a will.  I don’t like thinking about passing on its not a pleasant subject really.  We all feel like we will live forever immune from growing old or having your life cut short! I have had a will in place for quite a while now, 6 or so years. Apart from a minor amendment I never really think about it anymore.

I didn’t have a will before having children, but a friend convinced me.  She had a valid argument and it felt time to get it organised. I still have friends with children who don’t have wills and it always surprises me.  It’s on their list of things to do at some point but they never quite get round to it.  For me its a weight of my shoulders that’s sorted and I can forget about it. It’s actually easier getting one arranged because then its not a big issue anymore.  You can tick it off your list and concentrate on living life to the full!

When you have children its important to think of the practical side of things and outline arrangements for them if the worst ever happened. It’s vital to get advice on writing a will because you might forget something important otherwise.

When we visited a lawyer I thought it would be more about the financial side of things but custody arrangements were discussed too.  Sadly in some situations families have fought over where the children will then go.  Far better to have your wishes considered than for it to end up going through the courts.

An Infographic About Wills

But to lighten this topic I have a fun infographic about wills.  It makes for an interesting read that’s for sure. Some pets have been very lucky with big inheritances.

Gunther IV had £90M, actually inherited from his own dad after he had his fortune from Countess Carlotta Liebenstein when she died in 1991 (it would appear dogs do pass on their money too!!!) Imagine life as that dog in his chauffeur-driven limousine.  Spending time between Madonna’s old Miami mansion and villas in Italy and the Bahamas with lots of human staff to tend to his needs!!!

Before I go, remember getting your will sorted does make you feel better afterwards. You have worked hard to earn your money make sure it goes where you want it to.  Although leaving your money to people randomly in a phonebook is the strangest thing I have ever heard of! Mind you I don’t get why the American millionaire made sure his money wasn’t passed on until the 21 years after the death of his last living grandchild.  I would rather the money be of immediate benefit for my boys straight away not for future generations down the line.  But I guess he must have had his reasons and no doubt they died with him.

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