Happy Summer Holiday Children #wheredreamsbegin

Summer Holiday Children

Nearing the end of week 3 of the summer holidays you might well be entering the shouty stage! To be fair I am close to the rocking in a corner stage (yes, it’s getting THAT bad!) so I was extremely grateful that Room to Grow produced a checklist of 10 summer activities you can do with your children.

Now I have more inspiration to keep my two happily entertained, because left to their own devices they would just stay in their pyjamas, eating sugary sweets, drinking endless fizzy pop and playing computer games for hours on end… #holidaygoals that this mum does not find acceptable, hell no! Yes maybe as a treat now and then in MODERATION (my favourite go to word!) but not for six LONG weeks on a trot.  These boys need fresh air and structure.

I have organised a few days out to Caernarfon Castle and a climbing wall, we have been bowling and to the cinema, but it’s getting expensive going down the days out route I need cheap family fun that’s not going to bankrupt me by the end of the holiday.  I dread logging onto my bank at the moment and I am sure a fair few parents feel the same!!!

Summer Activities Ideas

You can see the list of summer activities in more detail over on their website and there is a checklist you can print out below. But these ideas are all very affordable.  We are partial to blanket fort building already, click the link to see one of the boys creations.


At the beginning of the holiday the boys wrote a list of things they would like to do but that was quickly completed so it’s great to start ticking off another checklist. As much as my two drive me crazy I love creating holiday memories with them, I think it’s important to spend quality time together as a family. So far we have played snap, done finger painting, baked cookies and had a movie afternoon, leaving some more activities to try next week.

My boys were over the moon with the contents of this box. I think when my boys have kids I will organise a similar box each holiday to help them entertain their own children.

The cookies we made were very tasty, plus eldest made me a pot of tea to go with my share! These kids do have their uses sometimes lol.

Finger painting got a little crazy, it progressed onto hand painting, then foot painting, before youngest decided to paint his arms and pretend to be a Zombie. Yes, my boys like to take the activity to the NEXT LEVEL… sigh!

So expect a bit of mess this summer but let your children get creative, they are only little for such a short time and the holidays are such an incredible time for them.

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