What can you do to relieve the side effects of pregnancy?

side effects of pregnancy

When you are pregnant you might be complimented on how you look like your “glowing”.  But the reality of it is that being pregnant can be a difficult nine months. It is quite common to feel nauseous and exhausted during your first trimester.  I struggled with the side effects of pregnancy and some days wondered how I would make it through the day! But there are plenty of other symptoms to contend with to!!! If your pregnancy is making you feel unwell its natural to want to fast forward to meeting your new arrival!

Some people sail through being pregnant and love every second but for others it can be a real struggle.

Here are a few of the most common side effects and some suggestions to help ease them.  Hopefully you can then begin to really enjoy being pregnant too.

Acid Reflux

Your digestive system slows in pregnancy because of the hormones you are producing and that can lead to stomach acid not staying where it should.

Common treatments for acid reflux vary from medication to natural remedies. Try sticking to smaller portions and sitting up straight to eat can help relieve the symptoms. Also drinking more milk which people thought was a good idea doesn’t really work in the long run as the calcium sets the stomach off making more acid. If you do decide to take medication make sure its suitable for you in your current situation.

Morning Sickness

Don’t be fooled by the name, I actually felt poorly throughout the day. That feeling of nausea is the result of all the hormonal changes in your body.  Fortunately it does ease off when you reach 16 weeks.

Until then what worked for me was eating little and often, sticking to quite plain foods and nibbling on a ginger biscuit. Keep hydrated and rest lots to help combat nausea. Certain foods made me feel worse because of the smell, I couldn’t be near bacon cooking it turned my stomach completely! You can also try using Sea-Bands which are good when you feel queasy either in pregnancy (or whilst travelling).

Itchy Skin

As your skin stretches it can feel very itchy, although this is a common recurrence for those that are pregnant its worth telling your doctor as sometimes that itchiness can be a sign of a more serious condition. Stick to mild products when bathing and don’t dry out your skin by bathing too often.  You can also look out for products that help moisture your skin.

Abdominal Pains

As your body stretches and you carry more and more weight it can be very painful. It helped when I rested and altered the position I was sitting in, warm baths also made me feel better. Although make sure you don’t have the water too hot as you don’t want to raise your core temperature too quickly.

Always needing the loo

The pressure on your bladder means you will be in the bathroom a lot more than usual, this can be frustrating when you’re trying to sleep at night. Apparently rocking back and forth as you go to the toilet helps you fully empty your bladder, then you might last a bit longer!

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