5 Gift Ideas for the Ladies in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the Ladies

It can be hard knowing what to buy some people especially when you don’t know exactly what they own already, their most favourite colours or what really interests them. I wanted to give you inspiration when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and need gift ideas for the ladies.


Flowers are a very traditional gift that I often buy for family or friends to celebrate an occasion or let them know I am thinking about them. I read an article that said women aren’t as fond of flowers as you would think, but given the survey was commissioned by a fragrance company I think it’s more a conflict of interests! I guess that company would rather steer guys towards buying perfume.  But I think you can’t beat a bunch of colourful happy birthday flowers.

For the Greeks flowers played a part in many of their myths and legends.  They can have a lot of meaning behind them, the chosen colours and flower types conveying a bigger message so as a gift they make an excellent choice.


Giving scented candles as a gift can be a real treat for the senses.  Adding a wonderful fragrance to the recipients home and the flickering light of candles can be very therapeutic.  As the weather turns it’s nice to make the home more comfortable.  Candles certainly play a big part in achieving that. You can pick out different fragrances depending on the time of year.  As we move towards winter think pine needles and cinnamon sticks.

A Voucher

As a standalone gift a voucher might not seem very thoughtful but it can be a practical gift that helps someone buy what they have been after for a while. Vouchers can also be added with other smaller gifts.  Like a book voucher, teamed up with a bar of chocolate and a bottle of bubble bath for a relaxing night in. Bundle gifts like this are my personal favourite and give the recipient the option to pick out a book they would like reading, it’s too hard guessing what might interest someone otherwise. You can also do the same with a movie night pack.  Include popcorn, sweets and a voucher to buy a DVD of their choice at their local store.

Personalised Gifts

A wine glass or a mug personalised with a message and their name can make a delightful gift, especially if the message conveys a bit of humour or is written from the heart.

DIY gifts

If you have a talent of your own why not consider making a homemade gift.  The recipient is bound to feel more special knowing you took the effort to make it more meaningful.  They really do make incredible gift ideas for the ladies.

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