Introducing the LUMIE Bedbug

LUMIE Bedbug

We are big fans of the LUMIE brand and have featured their light therapy products many times on Missing Sleep over the years. I think it’s wonderful they have branched out and used their knowledge and experience to develop the LUMIE Bedbug. Priced at £59.95 it’s well worth the investment.  It might sound a tad more expensive than your average nightlight but remember this is not any light.  This is sleep-optimised lighting which is rather magical for babies and young children. It’s the product that helps you be a smug parent because your child goes off to sleep nicely!

The latest addition to the LUMIE brand is not only clever but rather adorable too.  It works on the same principle of a fading sunset to help encourage sleep but packaged as a cute friendly bedbug with a happy smile any child will love! I get how hard bedtime can be.  It’s no coincidence my blog is called Missing Sleep so I like to introduce my followers to any product that might help them get more peace and quiet of an evening! Seriously we had tough times with our two.  They would take forever to go off to sleep when they were younger and they would repeatedly call out in the night for comfort.

To be honest I never really thought about the type of light the nightlights I bought emitted I just bought them based on how they looked depending on what my children were into at the time.  If I had researched more thoroughly I would have ruled out lots of products as all they do is make it harder for you to get your children off to sleep.

Bedtime can be so Difficult

Parents have it hard at times.  We need to top up our energy levels and what better way than getting your child off to sleep without difficulty! Why have that battle? Why make life harder than you need too?  Invest in the LUMIE bedbug and children have the reassuring glow of light they need to feel safe and happy.  But at such low levels that doesn’t alert them during the night and wake them back up!

Lets keep bedtimes calmer and more natural with the LUMIE bedbug. The gently fading light mimics the colours of a real sunset over 15 minutes.  Children are given the cues they need that it’s time to sleep.  Sarah Ockwell-Smith who regularly writes about parenting problems has recommended using the LUMIE bedbug because of its low levels of blue light.  So if your praying for a miracle at bedtime this might just be the product for you!


I have a LUMIE bedbug to giveaway over on twitter.  Pop along to my twitter feed and retweet the status by the 5th of October.

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