Baby Shower Registry Tips for First Time Moms

Is someone planning you a baby shower and you have no idea what you’ll need? Though baby shower registries can be great for telling your friends and family exactly what you’d like to have for your newborn.  If it’s your first time, determine what’s a necessity and what’s not can be troubling. Not to mention all the rules in between.  Creating a registry requires attention to detail from beginning to end. To ensure that you don’t end up with a crocheted outfit from grandma or a ton of baby shoes your little one probably won’t even wear just yet, here are some tips for creating the ideal baby registry.

Know What You Want

Your baby registry is supposed to contain a list of items that you want or need for the baby. Some of the more common items to add to a registry include a crib, stroller, playpen, baby clothes, bottles, receiving blankets, and diaper disposals just to name a few. What you add should greatly depend on are your needs and what you already have. While there’s nothing wrong with adding a few must-have items to the list, the idea is to choose practical items that will help you throughout the first few months of your child’s life.

Be Specific About Brands

Though purchasing a baby bib of any brand from any store may be okay, simply putting a baby mattress on the list without identifying the brand or type of mattress you want could backfire. Some things, you’ll have to be specific about. Instead of just putting “baby mattress” do some research on the various brands out there, such as a moonlight slumber cradle mattress, to see which brand you want to add to the registry.

Vary the Costs

Your baby shower guests are dealing with varying levels of income. While some friends might be able to pitch in and buy you that expensive crib you want.  Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to dedicate towards a baby gift. Try adding things to the registry that can be afforded by most budgets. Adding things like strollers and cribs as well as wipes, diapers, and bibs give attendees more options to choose from.  This increases the chances that you’ll get something you really want instead of whatever they could afford.

Choose Multiple Stores or Sites

The idea of a baby registry is to make it easier for your guests to get you what you’d like to have for your newborn. Choosing a high-end baby store located all the way across town is an inconvenience.  It could persuade your friends and family to throw a few bucks or a gift card in the bag. However, by having registries at multiple stores, most of which have various locations, then your guests have more options on where they can shop. If you’re going to register online, make sure that you do a review of the best baby registry shops to see which will provide the best choices.

Be Careful About Gender Specific Items

Whether you found out what the sex of your baby was or not, you don’t want to make the mistake of asking for too much gender-specific clothing or baby items. On the off chance that the baby is the opposite of what you planned for.  You then are going to have a lot of returns to make, or you’ll be dressing your daughter in blue and your son in pink. Stick to neutral colors like greens and yellows which can be worn by either sex. By requesting neutral colors, the items can also be passed down if you plan on having kids in the future.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with adding a few things to your baby registry that will benefit you. After all, if mom is not at her best, she can’t fully take care of the baby. If there are items that would help make raising your first child easier or simply to help you unwind, add it. This might include a trip to the spa, house cleaning services, or even a streaming video service for while you’re home with the baby.

Creating a baby registry for the first time can seem overwhelming. Ultimately, the idea behind creating a registry is to make it easier for friends and family to purchase things you’ll actually need for the baby. Unless you want to end up with a ton of gift cards, toys, or baby clothing that they’ll only fit for a few weeks, it’s best to make a registry that is versatile both in the selection of products and price.

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