My thoughts on Personal Shoppers

Personal Shoppers

If I am completely honest I am not a very confident shopper when it comes to picking out clothes for myself.  I don’t tend to follow the latest fashions or even know what would suit me best! My wardrobe is very bland I stick to jeans and hoody tops.  Although I would love to have a little bit more flair but I just wouldn’t know where to start.

I think it’s great that Debenhams offer a free personal shopper experience.  It’s amazing how stepping out in the right clothes can give you a real lift and make you feel more positive about yourself. It’s nice to have a bit of a fuss made of you too.  You get a complimentary drink, a magazine and your own suite to relax in.  Let the personal shopper dash about bringing outfits for you to try!

Sometimes it’s nice to buy clothes in-store, I have a habit of buying everything online.  The poor kids are often in school uniforms that bit too big as I can never get the sizing right.  Yes its nice they have growing room but at the same time I would love for them to have the perfect fit.

If you’re like me and a little unsure about what style would be the most flattering or what colours compliment your skin tone and body shape getting some advice makes all the difference.  I think once you have been giving a few pointers and know what style works for you, it can make shopping easier for you to do on your own. Then I can go back to my usual tricks and take advantage of every discount code going from when I shop at Debenhams.

Set a Budget

If you do try a personal shopping experience make sure you have a budget in mind before you start.  It’s quite easy to get carried away once you see all the lovely clothes.  You might leave the store on a high.  But remember you will have other bills to pay over the month so be realistic about what you can spend on clothes and accessories.

Think about how you will wear the clothes you are shown.  Will the outfit have regular use or is it only for a special occasion and you might not wear it again, this will make you decide if it’s worth the investment.


Be willing to try new things, you might find a colour that really works for you that you would never have considered before! Sometimes its worth getting out of your comfort zone.

In an earlier blog post about the clothes in our wardrobes I mentioned that many of us only wear 70% of the clothes in our wardrobes. So its worth remembering to have the final veto with anything you buy, don’t feel you were forced to purchase it by a persuasive member of staff. Naturally be flexible to try items the personal shopper brings but if you really don’t think it’s for you then don’t be afraid to say. Otherwise you will end up leaving the store with outfits you will probably not wear again.

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