Tips to Keep Warm This Winter

Keep warm this winter

The temperature seems to be dropping and I am sorely tempted to put on my central heating and hide in a blanket with a flask of tea! I really do feel the cold so I like to do all I can to keep warm this winter.

I don’t mind this time of year if I can keep cosy, we have lots to look forward too with Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas celebrations after all.  But if it’s a bitter winter I like to have all my home comforts and the right accessories when I need to head outdoors.

Here are my winter essentials

Winter Boots

I noticed an UGG sale on the lovethesales website. I have always fancied a pair of their boots. They are all fleecy inside and very soft and cosy. Ideally you wear your UGG boots without socks so you get the full warmth of the material inside, how comfortable does that sound? Apparently, the wool keeps your feet warm even with temperatures as low as -30 F so the perfect winter purchase.


Every house needs a cuddly big throw for winter, even with the heating on I still feel cold, we live in an old stone house so the key is layering up to survive the winter! Love the Sales have lots of choice, it’s easy to click through and then buy them from direct from the retailer at a bargain price!

A Hat

Keeping your head warm is important apparently we lose 30% of our body temperature through our head, the 70% people used to say was greatly exaggerated but still 30% is significant enough to make sure it stays covered! We should also breathe in through our nose according to the article as the nostrils warm the air before it goes into your lungs.

A Scarf

Keeping your nose covered from the cold keeps the air you breathe in warmer which stops the cold virus from replicating as quickly so whatever you do don’t leave home without your scarf!

Think about what your wearing

The NHS recommends clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres help to maintain body heat, so layer these up to trap in as much warmth as possible.

Hot drinks

Ward off the winter chills with lots of warm drinks, cocoa, mulled cider, tea, coffee or my dad’s favourite a hot toddy.

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