So Shape Challenge #SoShape

So Shape Challenge

I know I don’t have the best habits at mealtimes so I was keen to try the So Shape Challenge and feel better in myself. Gradually I have put on weight since having children 10 years ago.  I always have the best of intentions to do something about it but never quite get around to it. I seem to have other priorities (or excuses!).  But really my health should be one of my main concerns.

Fortunately, I was introduced to So Shape and since then slimming down has been a doddle. The company are continually expanding their range with new tempting flavours.  Eating healthy is anything but dull.

I was pleasantly surprised by just how appealing the whole concept is.  Everything is measured out already you just add water (and ice cubes if you’re making a frappé) so you don’t have to worry about lengthy preparation or clearing up lots of mess afterwards. You can enjoy a quick healthy meal that really satisfies.

The packets themselves are very cute with motivating slogans on the back:

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen”

Be one of those that make it happen and if you have been thinking it’s time to eat healthier give the So Shape Challenge a try!

So Shape Delivery

With your So Shape delivery you get a comprehensive information booklet that explains everything. I was enthusiastic to get cracking and see how I would feel after my 14-day challenge.  You also have the option to complete either a 5 day or 28-day challenge depending on what you are hoping to achieve. 5 days is a good reboot after a holiday when you need to get back on track.  Whilst the 28-day you could even go down a dress size! If you change your habits alongside eating the balanced meals.

Each So Shape Challenge involves one smart meal in the morning, an open lunch followed by a smart meal for dinner. In-between make sure you are keeping hydrated.  I was having lots of water and an occasional cup of tea. The Shaker doubles as a detox water bottle so why not add a few slices of lemon in the included infuser.

Smart Meals are crammed full of goodness in a convenient sized packet.  They are fat and sugar free, but full of protein and fibre. The 14-day challenge costs £85 and includes 30 smart meals, 1 shaker and that useful booklet I have already mentioned.

The instructions are very clear and simple to follow, it doesn’t take long to prepare any meal. The smell of the Spicy Bolo Pasta was very appetising from the moment I opened the packet.

So Shape

How I got on with my So Shape Challenge?

From my first mouthful I was hooked.  It had a good flavour not too spicy. It felt like a proper wholesome meal, I was surprised something so delicious could come out of such a small packet!

So Shape

The Brownie, Speculoos and Cookies and Cream flavours I had for my breakfast smart meal have really satisfied my cravings for sweet things.

So Shape

Control my sweet urges

Now I can control these urges much better.  I am a bit of a cake monster normally so it’s better for me to be making healthier choices finally! Both the Speculoos and Cookies and Cream had a good texture with biscuit bits to crunch on.  Some of the sweet flavours can be drunk hot or cold and I like the flexibility having a choice.  Especially with winter setting in and needing something to warm me up first thing.

During the first few days of my challenge I did find it harder lasting between meals.  Fortunately you can snack on open foods those that have guilt free ingredients like raw carrot sticks and cut up cucumber. Also, bear in mind when you join So Shape your part of an ever-growing community so get chatting to other So Shape converts! Follow the hashtag #SoShape to see everyone’s success stories.  It’s really inspirational.

14 days later I seem to have more energy and am finding it easier to be smarter about what I eat, I am shying away from the cake and chocolate that normally I would never be able to
resist! I never weigh myself as a rule, we don’t own weighing scales, but I do feel like I have toned up. My tummy doesn’t wobble quite so much so I am positive my experience of So Shape has done my body the world of good. But remember it’s important to follow the guidance in the booklet for it to be completely effective.

But before you dash off to place your order don’t forget to use the code CUSTOMISSINGSLEEP to enjoy twice as many flavours with the custom option included on 14 and 28 days Challenge.

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