Admiral Young Driver Review

Admiral Young Driver

Today we set off to Liverpool bright and early for the boys to try out driving lessons with Admiral Young Driver. On arrival there was a very helpful receptionist who checked us in. The time slots were running smoothly.  It seems to be well administrated.

The Firefly Car Lesson

My youngest who is 8 went first.  He was booked to drive the Firefly car a special car for younger children (5-10 years). Initially he drove round the course with an instructor who gave him some advice about the road signs (STOP and GIVE WAY) and how to navigate the roundabout safely.

What he most enjoyed about his lesson was midway through having a passenger join him.  He liked taking his dad for a spin for a change!

It gives children a real sense of pride taking someone else for a ride. Hopefully it will spur him on to want to try the older lessons as soon as he turns 10. He was also given a driving license too which he was delighted about!

The Firefly lesson length is about right for this age group.  Any longer and they might stop concentrating. Although I think I would hang on now for my youngest to turn 10 so he could experience the dual control Vauxhall instead as I think it would offer him more of a challenge!  But if your child is 9 and under I think it’s well worth booking the Firefly as an introductory lesson to get the hang of steering and the basics of driving.

Dual control Vauxhall Lesson

Then it was time for my eldest to have his lesson.  John Parry was very friendly and quickly put my son at ease. Understandably children can be quite nervous initially.  All the instructors seemed to welcome their students enthusiastically which reassured them before they set off.

As soon as the lesson finished my eldest left the car with a spring in his step asking when he could book another lesson!

After each lesson the instructor gives you a debrief so you know how your child got on, they also complete a page of their driving diary which mentions the activities they covered. As my son was working on level 1 it was about setting up, moving off, steering, stopping and the first gears.

The lesson had a lot of variety, it even covered a hill start and a roundabout.  It’s in a safe environment for children to learn responsible driving, they are not out on the open road. As children progress through the levels there is still plenty of space at Aintree Racecourse to work on their manoeuvres.

Both my boys really enjoyed the experience, I think it’s a wonderful idea.  Starting driving young is the perfect way to develop your child’s confidence ready for when they take their test at 17.

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