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I like to take lots of pictures especially of my children.  I love capturing our memories together, achievements and milestones, holidays and experiences. The moment they learnt to ride their bikes or swim unaided, read a book on their own, bake a cake or perform in a school play! That’s why I am excited to have stumbled upon an amazing app called TimeSpring.  It allows you to release messages into the future.  So many proud moments in time that you can keep.

My boys have grown so much over the years and I really like reminiscing.  Looking back fondly at all those special times together. I don’t always share those pictures, I hang on to them.  But they get lost on my hard drive waiting to be made into memory books I never quite get around to doing!  I don’t want my boys to miss out on those memories because I haven’t managed to get myself organised. Before you know time has passed on and some of those memories are lost forever. I always thought I would remember that moment.  It would stay in my memory forever but sadly memories do fade.  Even the ones you wanted to hold on most tightly too.

And kids grow up so fast, it seems like only a blink of the eye ago they were tiny babies now my eldest is off to secondary school in September, it seems to have gone far too quickly. I want to squeeze them back down in size and hang on to the for longer!

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It’s such a clever concept really, but quite simple to get your head round once your start using the app.

This photo is a keeper, look at those elf ears and rosy red cheeks! I would schedule this to them one Christmas in the future!

The creator has made it possible for parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, uncle and aunts to send messages with a photo to a date scheduled in the future.
I think its such a wonderful idea, each birthday your child could have a marvellous reminder of a cherished time you shared together or a cheeky picture of them as a toddler, with Sudocrem smeared over their face or chocolate cake in their hair! You can’t help but laugh out loud when you see their mischievous faces.

You can also show the bond your siblings share, remind them how close they were, how important family is! Here my youngest was only tiny but he bravely led a llama much bigger than himself along the forest paths!

Children also realise how much they are loved and valued, by sharing photos in the future they don’t miss out on seeing them and your heart can really swell with love. It’s very easy to use, just download the app on iTunes or Android. I did wonder how it would work with children too young to have their own email, but you can create an account for them to use in the future and add in their email address when they eventually have one. The app is free to download but you pay for to send the messages.

I am all about collecting moments not things so for me this app really helps showcase all those magical times we have shared together as a family.

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