Join us on a Oreo Cookie Quest to win a £100 Virgin Experience Voucher

Oreo Cookie Quest

We were thrilled to be having our very own Oreo Cookie Quest to celebrate Oreos latest on-pack promotion.  Make sure you keep an eye out for the promotional packs to join in too.  One winner will be heading off to California, so it’s a great time to stock up on Oreos if you’re craving some sunshine!

oreo pack

Stocking up on Oreos is always a wise decision but even better when you have the chance of winning wonderfilled prizes!  Entries after the 01/06 will go into a final draw for the chance to win £500.  Imagine what kind of family day out you could enjoy with that!!!  Buy a pack to start your quest over on The Great Oreo Search.

We headed to Blists Hill Victorian Village to celebrate the launch of The Great Oreo Cookie Quest.  I love the authentic 1900 set up here.  It’s incredible getting such a realistic insight into life over 100 years ago.  You really feel like you have been transported back in time.  Mind you the first Oreo wasn’t made until 1912 so I am glad our stay wasn’t permanent.

Nothing beats a family day out at an attraction for creating memories together.  But one thing you do find with children is that they are always HUNGRY!  It can put a damper on things when they start getting grouchy.  Fortunately, we had our Oreos with us, so the boys could have one or two as a tasty treat to keep them going.  With their tummy grumbles sorted they were in a much happier mood to explore Blists Hill and really do the place justice.

Forget the world is your oyster, the world is definitely your cookie!  Once topped up the boys were ready for adventure.  We love nibbling off the top biscuit and getting stuck into the yummy white filling.

Competition to find the Cookies

If you would like the chance of winning a £100 Virgin Experience Voucher read on!

In the next few pictures we have hidden Oreos.  I want you to go through these pictures very carefully and count how many you think you find.  Please don’t count any in the picture before the start of this competition section.

Then all you have to do is email me your answer by the 11th of March with the subject heading #OreoCookieQuest Entry and the location of the Oreos with your name, full mailing address and phone number.

Please read the #OreoCookieQuest Giveaway Terms & Conditions before entering.

Oreo Cookie

Cookie Oreo


Oreo quest


Oreo quest

Oreo Cookie Quests

Oreo Cookie Quest

Oreo Cookie Quest

The Virgin Experience Voucher has lots of choice for family days out, so do enter the draw if you fancy a trip to somewhere like Diggerland, Knowsley Safari Park, Eden Project or even an annual subscription to the English Heritage (lots of enjoyable days out together with that choice!).

You are very welcome to share your entries on social media with the hashtag #OreoCookieQuest tagging @Oreo.

It has been my pleasure working with Oreo and BritMums promoting the #OreoCookieQuest celebrating wonderfilled family moments and The Great Oreo Cookie Quest.

37 thoughts on “Join us on a Oreo Cookie Quest to win a £100 Virgin Experience Voucher

  1. 12 I think. I love the stone cottage. Reminds me of the ugly house (which is actually gorgeous) in Betws-y-coed, in North wales

  2. Oh wow! That sounds really exciting. I love Oreo cookies, the original one is my favourite and my son loves them too.

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