Staying Stylish as you Get Older

Stylish as you get older

As you get older your body changes.  What worked when you were younger might not be so successful anymore.  You might start to lose confidence in what you wear.  Age has a way of creeping up on you, so it pays to be prepared.  In my head I still feel like I am in my twenties.  But my body has so many tell-tale signs giving the game away.   It’s quite clear I am not a spring chicken anymore.  It’s important to still stay stylish as you get older.

I weighed myself in the gym the other day and had a shock.  I assumed I was still 9 stone something, but my cake habit must have got the better of me after all.  So, it would seem a little maintenance is a must!  I need to make a bit more effort.  I still want to look fashionably stylish as I get older.  More so when the boys move out as I should have more time to spend on my appearance.

Putting on Weight

My waist has started thickening and I like to wear longer tops to cover it!  The tops I choose are big and billowing so in reality I end up looking even bigger than I am.  I have however joined the gym to try and combat this.  I did feel a little out of my depth at first.  But everyone has been very friendly showing me how everything works!  I have also tried fitness ball, Pilates, aerobics and legs, bums and tums classes over the last few weeks.  I will hang on to a better body shape as I approach my forties.  Some people let their weight put them off joining a gym, but you shouldn’t.  I have seen people of all abilities and ages working out in this gym.  Good for them I say!


I don’t have the best relationship with food either, I find it gives me comfort so I reach for the wrong things.  Although I did enjoy taking part in the So Shape Challenge, shame I didn’t stick with it for longer.


I turn 40 this year so I know the menopause is on the horizon.  Anytime from 45 I could be experiencing those uncomfortable hot flushes and night sweats associated with it.  Sweating can be quite unattractive, the sweat stains on your clothes never look flattering.  You can just about get away with it after a good workout in the gym.  But going to work or out socially its never going to be your best look.  I have just found out you can purchase sweat blocking undershirts which have special panels in the underarms so you never have to worry about the sweat showing through.  Yes, sweat is never stylish but you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Clothes Sizes

Don’t try and squeeze into clothes too small for you just to feel like you are a better weight.  You will just look uncomfortable.  Part of growing old and staying stylish is acceptance, learning your body shape might not be the same as it once was but finding ways to look your best regardless!  Tailoring might help, spending a bit more on your clothes so they fit you better works wonders.

Designers of your Generation

I really like this tip from this age-old rules article in the Guardian which says to check out designers that are around your age they will know best what suits women of a certain age!

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