Visiting Leicestershire on a Stay Play Explore Break

stay play explore twinlakes

Family trips away can work out very expensive.  It’s not just splashing out on a night in the hotel its buying attraction tickets to keep everyone happily entertained.  Thankfully the Stay Play Explore Break is a bargain priced at just £149.  It makes it much more affordable for families to create cherished memories with their children.  I really enjoyed trying out the package, so I could share my experience here.

That £149 goes a LONG way.  It includes a night in a four-star hotel, three lots of attraction tickets for a family of four AND a cooked breakfast to enjoy the following morning.  You don’t even have to worry about not using all your attraction tickets on this one trip either.  Fortunately, they are valid for a full year.

We managed to use up two of ours.  So, we have a lovely excuse to come back to the area and visit another fantastic attraction.  It was tough picking out where to go as the choice of attractions is very comprehensive.  There are 10 options in total.

We have been to Conkers before and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but we settled for two attractions we had never visited before.

Our Attractions

We chose to go to the National Space Centre as a rainy-day activity on the Saturday.  Entrance totted up to £50.  On Sunday with better weather predicted we went to TWINLAKES which normally costs about £40 at this time of year.  I can highly recommend both attractions.  Working out the prices of the attractions individually quickly shows you what excellent value the Stay Play Explore Break really is!

The National Space Centre was very educational.  So many different exhibits for children to interact with.  The highlights for my boys were the show in the planetarium, that really was incredible, the 3D simulator experience and completing some of the space cadet training.

stay play explore

Youngest liked trying on the gloves and making molecular structures with the provided sticks and balls.  Astronauts make glove work look so easy when they prepare samples in space, but it was quite difficult.

I was quite surprised that astronauts recycle urine to drink and breathe!  It is treated with acid for four days and filtered.  Then it’s turned into steam and mixed with water ready to drink again.  Interesting to know but I might give space travel a miss all the same!  A visit to the National Space Centre really does leave you enlightened.  Smaller children will like trying on the fancy dress outfits and pressing all the buttons.

The car park costs £3 but other than that we spent very little.

TWINLAKES was very enjoyable.  It surprised me how much is indoors, so you could visit in bad weather and still have a very full day.  The boys loved the Master Blaster section, firing balls at us and running around collecting them afterwards.  The staff at TWINLAKES were very friendly and happy to answer questions about the park.  I liked the wind in the willows ride.  It was nice and relaxing going around seeing the characters from the book.

Some of the rides my boys were too tall for but there was still plenty to keep them occupied.


Twinlakes rides

Twinlakes rides

Our Stay in Hilton Leicester

Becky on reception was very friendly and welcoming especially to our two children, making a point of including them in conversation.  She had such a pleasant and efficient manner checking us in.  We were told where everything was, the time for breakfast and the boys were given pirate activity books and a boss baby cup.  They were also provided with a drinks voucher each, so they could fill their new cups with a soft drink from the bar.  Hilton Leicester is a great choice for your Stay Play Explore Break as those little details make a family breakaway much more enjoyable.

Stay play explore hilton

Our room was spacious, and we felt very relaxed.  It was wonderful having two queen beds – we usually draw straws on who ends up on the pull-out beds as they are so uncomfortable.  It was nice not having to do that this time.  The tea making facilities were plentiful, even camomile tea was included if you wanted something calming before bed!  A good idea if you have children that drive you slightly crackers and you need to switch off.  It’s worthwhile paying the extra £10 if they have any upgrades available for a deluxe double.  At the end of a busy day it was an indulgent treat putting on the provided dressing gown and slippers and enjoying a glass of wine!

We made the most of the leisure facilities, hubbie and the boys enjoyed a swim.  It was nice to come back from the National Space Centre and have the option of using the complimentary facilities.

The breakfast buffet the following morning was extensive.  Cooked breakfast, waffles, cereals, fruits, pastries and much more meant we had a good start to our day before heading to our next attraction.

stay play explore breakfast

If you are hoping to take your family away somewhere this year but your worried about the cost, a Stay Play Explore break is the perfect solution.

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