Making our Dining Room more Appealing

Dining room

I have been putting off decorating the dining room because I had planned to install a log burner at some point.  I thought it would be lovely having Christmas dinner on our big dining table with the light of the fire flickering away.  Keeping us all toasty in December.

I also had grand ideas that a house this size NEEDED two log burners.  With the second planned in the living room.  But my friend has put me off the idea.  She said there is a lot of work involved keeping them clean and they can take a long time to heat up.  When she is out all day at work sometimes my friend doesn’t have the energy to get the fire started on her return home.  As she wouldn’t get the benefit from it before bedtime.

With that in mind I think we will just install one in the living room.  Two lots of work sounds a bit too much for me.  Cleaning the glass and emptying out the ash times one is more than enough.  This means I can start planning making the dining room look beautiful.  It’s such an eye sore now, it really is.  Without the need to save up for the log burner we can get started a bit sooner.

Here is the old bricks before we ripped them out!

dining room

Plastering the Walls

It will mean getting the builder back in and having the walls skimmed and boxing in some of the more unattractive parts.  We ripped out the old ugly brick fireplace when we first moved in.  We have our dining table already.  I love that piece of furniture.  It has a bench and five seats so ample room for the family to get together.  We wanted something substantial to meet the needs of our family but also accommodate friends coming over.  Board game evenings are one of my favourite things.

More Furniture

The rest of the room looks a bit sparse.  We will need more furniture I was looking on hamptons style furniture as the display unit caught my eye.  We have space for a couple of pieces to complete the room and give it a bit of character.  I think dressers look so charming, with your best dinnerware on display.  Homely that’s what I want for us.

Currently the look we are achieving is distressed.  I need a sideboard too as it helps to have somewhere to hide all the clutter I seem to accumulate.  At the moment a section of our vast table is usually earmarked for documents and books – these could be stashed out of sight instead! So, when we are entertaining our guests can finally appreciate how nice a room it really is.

The table is multifunctional as I work from it, the boys do their spelling here, we make jigsaws and play board games.  But at times I want it to be more sophisticated space too.  Some quality items of furniture and a lick of paint, ideally a more attractive light fitting and the room will hopefully be transformed!

I can’t wait for the dining room to be complete.  We have been here almost four years and it’s a room lots of people see.  Some children are gobsmacked over the state of the walls – one child said WHAT HAPPENED HERE? The danger is we have got used to it like this, so we need to keep going with the renovation work and not lose momentum.

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