Baby Born Wash Basin Giveaway

Baby Born Wash Basin

To celebrate the Baby Born Bathtime campaign I have a Baby Born Wash Basin to giveaway!  I am very excited about this competition, as I love seeing the Baby Born range developing.  This latest addition is ideal for making play more realistic.

The Baby Born Wash Basin helps with imaginative play.  It comes with light and sound features so is very immersive.  You can fill the sink with water and then your child can pump it out of the tap!  Children will love washing their Baby Born dolls, keeping them nice and clean.  Teaching them good values of caring for their baby and having responsibility for them.

The Baby Born Wash Basin is also a great way to help younger children learn about the importance of hygiene.  It might even make it easier when it comes to their real bath time routine!  Not all children are eager to hop into the bath, having a doll that enjoys bath time might encourage them.

Included in the set is a flashing mirror and a towel to dry off your doll afterwards.  Baby Born really have thought of all the little details.  They can keep the towel tidy afterwards on the integrated towel holder!  Excellent training for when they are older.  It might stop them just chucking towels on the floor…

Baby Born Wash Basin

When you remove the tumbler you can hear teeth cleaning sounds.  It works as a good prompt to remind your child how important brushing their teeth is.  The included toothbrush will be put to good use keeping their dolls gums nice and healthy!

baby born toothbrush

The wash basin isn’t too big, so you don’t have to worry it will take up too much space in your child’s bedroom!  Just the perfect size to make playing bath time so much more fun.


If you would like to win the Baby Born Wash Basin, please fill out the form below by the 23rd of April.

Win a Baby Born Wash Basin

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