The Battle of The Mobile Phones

Switched on Insurance wrote an interesting article blog about Samsung V’s iPhone.  In the battle of these two mobile phone giants my preference had always been Samsung.  Initially it was down to cost, Samsung used to have much cheaper products.  But now I am in the position I could pick either based on price I have become loyal to the Samsung brand and can’t seem to switch.  I have a feeling once my eldest starts secondary school and becomes more clued up about mobile phones he is going to want something fancy!

We have got away with a basic budget mobile phone so far.  Long may that continue!  As it would appear Samsung has become as expensive as Apple now.  The Samsung S8+ has an RRP of £779 while the iPhone 8+ retails at £799.  I might just have to stick with my Samsung S6 for a little while longer.  Smartphones are starting to get very pricey indeed.

Which of the two offer the most value for money?

This image shows that the components and assembly cost are quite similar for both phones.  But they are only a small part of the final price.  £221.58 for the iPhone 8 plus and £230.61 for the Samsung Galaxy S8.  The mark-up is outrageous.  But these companies will spend a fortune on marketing.  Given the similar prices of each phone, the components come in not far off each other, it depends what else is important for you the consumer.

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Brand Loyalty

For me its just down to staying with a brand I have so far been happy with.  Apparently android owners are more loyal than Apple users.  I don’t see me switching anytime soon so I would have to agree.  I like the apps that are available to me, I don’t want to learn anything new or do anything different.  That might be down to my age too, I don’t feel as comfortable with change as I used to me.  I did have an LG mobile for a bit that I was sent to review but before long I was back with Samsung.

Don’t buy the latest model

If you have your heart set on a phone it might be worth getting the version before the latest one.  It can work out a lot cheaper.  Although phone companies have been rumoured to sabotage older phones slowing them down when you do your updates.  All part and parcel of encouraging you to get the latest model instead!

Phone Camera

The most important thing for me is the camera.  I use my mobile phone pretty much exclusively to take pictures for my blog.  I want a good quality camera.  Samsung had the better reputation in this respect, so it suited me to stay loyal!  Although reading the Switched on Insurance article that seems to have changed with the S8+ model and they are spending a lot less of their budget on the camera compared to iPhone.  They spent 6.5% compared to Apples 11% for the latest iPhone.

Perhaps I might change sides yet!!!

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