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It’s only in the last couple of years I have started grinding my teeth.  I don’t know what changed to make me start.  But I don’t seem to be able to stop!  The dentist first identified it as a problem as I had damaged my back teeth.  To the point of risking making them completely smooth and worn down I needed to act quickly!

Usually the reason for grinding your teeth is attributed to anxiety or stress.  Even though I don’t fee particularly anxious!  Others say grinding most likely occurs when noises disrupt your sleep and you semi-wake up in response.  I don’t fully switch off as I always wake up exhausted.  This might well be my problem.

I was excited to try the DenTek Plantinum Dental Guard as my dentist had quoted a guard costing hundreds of pounds.  I was eager to see how I would get on with something more affordable (RRP £40).  They recommend you don’t use the Dentek dental guard for more than 3 months without consulting your dentist.  To be honest until the dentist mentioned grinding I hadn’t even realise I was doing it.  Although I had the tell-tale signs like discomfort in my jaw I just didn’t know what that meant.

DenTek Mouth Guard

It does take some getting used to wearing the guard, but my teeth are looking forward to getting relief from my constant grinding.  You can adjust the band length and height, so it fits comfortably.  DenTek really do enjoy making products that help you care for your smile!

The boys really liked the Fun Flossers (£4).  It’s a good product to get children used to better oral habits.  They can easily remove food and plaque with these colourful flossers.  Designed with kids in mind, the smaller size, wild fruit flavour and easy to hold handle will appeal to your children.


Also using flossers means no one needs to see what you had for lunch!  Let’s be honest our smile is one of the first things anyone notices.  Smiling makes us feel happy so it’s important to take care of that asset.  We don’t feel confident if we have salad in our teeth, but a quick floss and you can smile widely again!

The Toothbrush Covers are adorable!  Really cute designs.  Perfect for transporting toothbrushes hygienically when your going away on holiday.

DenTek toothbrush cover

All the products are available to buy in


If you would like to win a bundle of DenTek products which includes a pack of Fun Flossers and Mint Flossers, an animal toothbrush cover and a pack of sensitive clean floss picks, please fill out the form below by the 21st of April.

Win DenTek Prizes

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