Why Holidays Abroad Make Me Happy

holidays abroad

We have been on a few holidays abroad with the boys over the years.  So far, we have ticked off a trip to Portugal in 2013, Lanzarote in 2016 and Spain in 2017.  Later this year we have booked to go to Florida (squeals of excitement from me as it’s getting closer!).

Let’s be honest holidays abroad make me happy.  I get enthusiastic in the run up to them, planning suitable trips and activities.  Basically, cramming in as much as I possibly can for however long we are at a particular destination.

Affording more holidays

I would love to have more holidays but sadly it’s down to cost.  We try to stick to one holiday abroad a year if we can.   Although as you can see above we did skip a couple of years when money was especially tight.  However, I was looking at Groupon’s Tui Page to see what savings we could make.   If I could find a decent discount code perhaps I could squeeze in another holiday or at the very least, try and fit in one each year.

My husband reminded me how unbearable I was last time I had to go without a holiday abroad for too long!  I stamped my feet until I got the Lanzarote holiday booked.  It was well worth it.  Such a beautiful part of the world, look at that sky!

holidays abroad lanzarote

It’s worth having a browse through the available deals on the Groupon page.  Even if it’s just £50 off your holiday that’s still a few more cocktails poolside!

On our holiday in Lanzarote I got talking to a family and they go abroad three times a year.  I was green with envy!  That would be my dream, they reeled off all the places they had been and it was very impressive.  Ideally, I would have a giant map of the world with lots of pins added where we had visited!  At the moment it would look a bit bare.

holidays abroad

It’s been proven that even the act of planning a holiday can improve your happiness.  I certainly love doing my research, even buying a holiday guide for Orlando this time.  It’s easy for me to wile away hours on the Internet reading reviews, scouring for discounts and top travel tips.  I hate approaching holidays blindly, the better my preparation the happier I am.  I guess that even a UK holiday properly planned is going to make you happy, but holidays abroad have an added bonus…

Sunshine, lots of it!

I do love the UK and we have covered much of it.  But the time spent in the sun abroad can reduce stress levels.  Your troubles seem to ease away when your relaxed in the comfort of the sun.  I think I have struggled with the weather in the UK lately.  It’s really got me down.  I feel the cold terribly and never seem to warm up, it makes me feel downright miserable.  I think I might have SEASONAL Affective Disorder (SAD) more commonly known as the winter blues.

More light helps you produce serotonin which elevates your mood!  So, Florida can’t come around quick enough, I need my sunshine fix and quick.  Natural light can give you more energy.  I want helping you feel lively which would be useful as at the moment all I want to do is hibernate.  My get up and go has got up and gone!

Holidays how I love you for giving me a new lease of life.

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