Introducing the Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

My Fabulous Storyteller

First things first I love this product!  The Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller is a genius idea whilst still being very simple to use.  It comes with a user manual, but it’s not really needed as you get the hang of using My Fabulous Storyteller very quickly.  The boys had no problem getting to grips with it as would a much younger child.  It is pitched for children 3 to 8 years old, but my just turned nine-year-old was giggling away at the stories.  He really liked the sound effects and my ten-year-old gave it a thumbs up!

For a small portable box, the sound quality is surprisingly good.  I was very impressed actually.  The boys both have CD players in their rooms.  But this is portable which is more convenient for our lifestyle.  They can chill on the sofa in the living room or take it to their grandparents for a sleepover.  It seems quite sturdy so should travel well.  We take a lot of journeys to different attractions with my blog and can be on the road a lot.  The Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller will be accompanying us on journeys from now on.  It will make time pass much more pleasantly.

My two enjoy reading, we have heaps of books everywhere.  But sometimes they like to relax a bit more and lately they seem to prefer listening to stories.  They can properly switch off, get comfortable under their duvet and let their mind drift off on a magical adventure.  The best bit is that children control the story.  The pair of them were chatting away animatedly about which story combination they would try next!  My two were so enthusiastic to use the product.

My Fabulous Storyteller

You pick whether you want a girl or boy lead character, Susan or Ben.  One of them becomes the hero of your story, you then pick out the location for your story.  In a castle, under the sea, in a forest or at home.  Moving on to the who your hero will meet before you finally pick out an item from the selection available to feature in your story.  You just turn the dial to hear the options and then press OK when your happy.  An image comes up each time too which is easier for younger children to understand.  The image is clearer than shown in the pictures here that’s down to the flash of the camera.

My Fabulous Storyteller

The stories cover friendships, helping others and emotions.

Children will relish the freedom of choice.  In total they have 48 different stories so plenty to keep them amused for ages.  Each individual story is about the right size the attention span of younger children.  When you register with the LuniiStore you can have six free bedtime stories too.  So, it’s worthwhile making sure you do that.  Then you can purchase additional bundles of stories if you so desire.

I think this would make an excellent gift, listening to stories is the first step for children eventually becoming independent readers.  I remember only too well how many stories the boys wanted me to read when they were very small.  This fabulous product can make your life easier leaving you with the opportunity to finish off the housework!  Although you might find yourself wanting a turn too.  A whale and a toothbrush combination had me intrigued.  I really wish this product had been developed a few years ago it really is rather amazing!

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My Fabulous Storyteller Stockist

You can order the Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller from Amazon for £53.90.

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