Inexpensive ways to transform a tired bedroom

tired bedroom

You want your bedroom to feel warm, cosy and inviting, and making a few small changes can take a tired bedroom to something that feels new and fresh – without having to cause huge amounts of disruption in your family life.

These are the simple and inexpensive ways to transform a tired bedroom and give your space a new look.

Move furniture

Take a look at your room layout, you could give your bedroom a whole new look by simply switching up the position of your furniture. Make sure you plan it out first and use a tape measure to ensure everything will fit. But other than a bit of heavy lifting and moving, this will give the space a whole new look.

New bedding

bedding tired bedroom

Your bed is typically the focal point in a bedroom, and buying a new set of bedding will definitely give your bedroom an update. Try something that ties in the whole room, or make a statement with a block colour or a bold print. What you want from it is for it to draw your eyes in as soon as you walk through the door.

Add more light

Lighting in your bedroom should definitely at the forefront as you decorate, you’ll need both functional and ambient lighting, depending what you’re doing in there. So update the ceiling light with some gorgeous pendant lighting from or try a chandelier if you have particularly high ceilings. The important thing not to forget is the addition of one or two lamps, depending on the size of the room. They’re ideal for creating a mood in your room, and much softer than your ceiling light.

Create a gallery wall

Update your walls by framing prints or photographs and hanging them up. It’s best if you use a variety of frames to keep the look modern, but this will definitely add a personal touch to your bedroom.

Conceal your wires

Tidy up your bedroom by using nifty ways of hiding and concealing wires from lamps, your TV, your phone charger etc. Things like drilling holes into the backs of bedside tables ensure your wires are hidden in a drawer, crocodile clips can help to group together wires and use small tacks to keep wires running along skirting boards too.

Switch your wardrobe for the seasons

Depending on your wardrobe storage situation, this might just make a change to your mentality towards your bedroom, but it’s still definitely something you should consider.

Buy some cheap storage solutions that can be used in the loft and go about switching your wardrobes between the seasons. Pack away thick and chunky knits, coats, scarves, hats and more during the spring/summer seasons and make a whole load more room in your wardrobe for the season ahead.

Changing your wardrobe for the seasons is great to ensure you recycle anything you no longer wear, and gives you a lot more space, which means you can clearly manoeuvre around the wardrobe and not have to root to find something to wear.

Change the knobs

Change the knobs and handles on the furniture in your bedroom to give it a freshened up look, and if it needs it you could also consider painting the furniture a different colour to give it a new lease of life.

Add a plant


Plants are a great way to add life into a room, so add in some greenery, or maybe fresh flowers if you prefer. If you’re short on space on the surfaces, you could try a floor planter or maybe even a hanging plant.

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