The Only Corporate Garden Makeover Guide You Need to Read

If you are thinking of designing a new garden or remodeling and renovating the existing corporate garden.  There are a few things that you need to take care of.  Handling these critical aspects in the proper way will ensure that you can design an outdoor garden that looks great.  But also does not cost a fortune!

Thankfully, there are a few ideas and strategies that can help you to a great extent in installing and maintaining an attractive and beautiful garden. You can incorporate the latest garden designs and trends, use quality hardscape material and beautiful plants without having to make any compromises on style or quality. With proper execution of these strategies, you might also be able to do all of them without blowing a massive hole in your pocket.

Consider professional help

One of the first things that you must do when designing or remodeling your corporate building garden is to obtain professional advice. This will reduce your workload and stress by more than half. It may also reduce your expenses significantly. Hiring professionals for the job ensures that the quality of the end product is superior!

There is another benefit of hiring a professional gardener.  That is the identification of the best plants for your garden. Plants are highly sensitive to climatic and weather conditions, along with topography and a host of other such aspects. It’s not your job to know every little detail about the plants or the garden, unless you are a professional yourself. This is where expert help can prove to be very useful.

Professionals can also guide you to the best places in your area from where you can source all your garden requirements.  They know where to find supplies at inexpensive prices. Ensuring that you get only quality garden materials.  The aim is a beautiful garden that does not require renovation work for several years to come. This will, in turn, help you save large sums of money in the long run.

Indulge in a variety of plants

corporate garden

The key to developing an attractive garden is a variety of plants, trees, and flowers. You cannot stick to a particular type of plants or tree as that makes the entire garden look very monotonous. When dealing with the flower bed, bring in a variety of different flowering plants that not only have different colored flowers but also smell differently. This will ensure that your garden has a pleasant effect on every person who happens to pass by.

At the same time, you must also look to spread these plants all over the garden instead of simply clustering them in one specific area. This will lend visual attractiveness to the entire

garden area. You can use hardscape materials such as pavements and gravels in between to allow you to move about the garden for maintenance purposes.

Hedges can be a great idea too

The importance of hedges is certainly underrated in most corporate gardens these days. Hedge bushes are mostly used these days to define the boundaries of the gardens, but they are capable of doing so much more. You can also use them in some other areas of your garden if you install them properly.

For instance, you can certainly use a boxwood hedge to mark the territory for different flowering plants and trees. This will not only give the garden an organized appearance but also ensure that the flowering plants and trees are protected during harsh weather conditions. At the same time, you can also make use of privacy hedges along the entire length of your corporate building boundary.  This will increase the greenery coverage of the building. After all, the more green coverage in the property, the better it is for the surrounding environment as well as the appeal of the property.

Artificial interior and exterior landscaping products

There is no rule carved in stone that every plant in a garden must be a natural one. You can also use faux plants, trees, and other artificial landscaping products.  These can increase the beauty of your garden. There are plenty of benefits in doing so. The first benefit is the fact that this allows you to install certain plants and trees in your garden that may not be suitable for the weather conditions in your area. Whatever natural trees are incapable of surviving the weather conditions can easily be obtained as artificial variants used in your garden.

Now, these artificial topiary trees and plants may not exude the elegance and other such characteristics as their natural counterparts. However, they are easier to maintain and also allow you to personalize your garden according to your choice. Moreover, installing artificial boxwood in place of natural ones will also reduce your maintenance work requirements significantly as you do not have to crop or clean them regularly to maintain proper size or shape. Periodic cleansing is adequate in ensuring that they continue to give off an elegant appeal for several years in the future.

Indoor gardens

Outdoor gardens can hold great importance in a corporate building.  But that does not diminish from the importance of indoor gardens.  Indoor gardens give you the liberty to personalize according to your desire. Based on the availability of adequate sunlight, you can either use real plants and trees or faux plants. You can also use boxwood topiary to outline these indoor gardens according to your requirements. This would certainly go a long way in enhancing the overall appeal and attractiveness of your corporate building property.

The key to developing an attractive and beautiful garden in your commercial property is to be smart with your choices.  Choosing the plants, trees, and other hardscape materials could help you to develop a garden worthy of your building.  Hopefully without having to set aside a big budget to match.

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